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Resourc and Technology

Resources & Technology

In the wholesale printing trade, to become competitive in the quality and pricing arenas is not a destination one finally arrives at. It is an ongoing and constantly changing process that leaves anyone that is standing still in the dust. Resources are the many relationships, allies and assets acquired over years of doing business while technology actually refers to the advancements in equipment and procedures that change as rapidly in printing as rapidly as in any other high tech activity. It’s not enough to wait and see if new technology provides an edge over competitors and then incorporate it oneself. It’s the philosophy of staying out front that leads to research, investigation and staying in touch with upcoming advancements which allows one to be out front and stay there as worthwhile new technology comes into the marketplace. At ColorFX we learned long ago that the only place we intend to be in the race for superior technology is in front of others; our quality and speed of service prove just that.