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Roll Label Printing


Roll Label Printing

Labels can be used for a wide variety of applications. In a retail setting, labels are absolutely essential to promote a brand’s image, provide information about the product and company, and attract potential customers. Here at Color FX Web, we are proud to provide high-quality labels that can be customized to your specifications, allowing you to fulfill your customers’ needs to perfection. We offer the best label printing in the industry, so place your order with complete confidence.

Our Premium Labels

We offer a wide variety of options so that you can create the perfect label for your buyers. Our labels are manufactured with all-temperature adhesives allowing for multiple application purposes and long term storage. Versatile custom label printing allows our customers to create labels that are attractive, durable and affordable, keeping customers coming back time and again. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Die Cut Rectangle labels come standard with 1/8" rounded corners. For additional custom shape options, please request a custom quote or call us at 877-763-7671. 

How to Get Started

Planning your custom label printing job is easy with Color FX Web on your side. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff is happy to answer any questions you may have, so don’t hesitate to give us a call at (877) 763-7671, or send us an email at We make ordering high-quality labels affordable, convenient, and easy, and our customer support team is one of the most attentive in the industry. Order our attractive, durable labels for your customers today.

Roll Types :
  • White Premium Sticker Paper : Smooth, semi-gloss and pressure-sensitive adhsive paper.  Lamination adds oil and water-resistance to the label. This is recommended for general indoor label application. 
  • White BOPP Roll : A gloss laminated white polypropylene self-adhesive label. It has a subtle pearly white finish.  It is also tear-proof, waterproof and resistant to oil. Not remomeneded for writing on.
  • Clear BOPP Roll : A gloss laminated clear polypropylene self-adhesive label.  It is tear-proof, waterproof and resistant to oil. The minimum application temperature is 30 F. White ink may be applied underneath all area with print or where white text is present. Not remomeneded for writing on.
  • Silver BOPP Roll : A silver metallic look polypropylene self-adhesive label. It can be with gloss or matte protective lamination. It makes any color look metallic. Bright Silver Polypropylene is a high silver metalized polypropylene envisaged for water proof application. Not remomeneded for writing on.
    - Design Tip 1: Simulate gold foil (There are different shades of gold but you can start with C31-M40-Y100-K0 and adjust from there)
    - Design Tip 2: Build dimension into your design by creating a spot layer of white to go over areas of the label where you do not want the metallic material to show through. White ink is free.
  • White Vinyl Roll: UV-resistant gloss laminated vinyl self-adhesive label. It is our thickest and most durable label material. This is recommended for products that require outdoor exposure.
  • White Laid texture Estate #4: Uncoated white adhesive paper with a subtle linear texture. A matte UV coating (optional) adds scratch and moisteure-resistance to the label face. It is suitable for handwritten mailig labels if uncoated. 
  • Cream Laid Testure Estate : Uncoated cream colored adhesive paper with subtle linear texture.  A matte UV coating (optional) adds scratch and moisteure-resistance to the label face. It is suitable for handwritten mailig labels if uncoated. 
  • White Vellum Textured Estate #8: Uncoated warm white adhesive paper with tactile paper feel. A matte UV coating (optional) adds scratch and moisteure-resistance to the label face. It is suitable for handwritten mailig labels if uncoated. It is a popular choice for wine bottles and product labels.
Label Printing Details:
  • Labels are printed in full color on the front side of self-adhesive stock. Self-Adhesive materials consist of face-stock, adhesive and liner for easy release. 
  • Die Cut rectangle labels come standard with 1/8' rounded corners.
  • Label orientation (Unwind Direction) specifies the orientation of the label as it unrolls. This is essential for automatic dispensing and application to ensure the label is applied with proper orientation. 
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