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Production and finishing

Production & Finishing

Production is what people think of when the subject of printing comes up. Actually, production is just one step in the process though it is certainly one of the most important. Production refers to the actual printing portion of the process. It includes setting up the press with plates, the process of registering each CMYK plate as paper passes through the press and getting colors calibrated to the correct density so the images are correct.

Once all adjustments have been accurately made, it’s just a matter of maintaining consistency throughout the entire run. When the last sheet has gone through the press the production step is done and the printed matter moves to the finishing area. Here is where the printed sheet is transformed into its final form. Will it be packaging with scoring, folding and gluing or trimmed to size and folded into a brochure or newsletter? Will many sheets be collated with a cover page and turned into a magazine or catalog? It can have a perforation so a portion removed can return by mail or be kept as a reference.

Anything that turns the printed sheet into a usable form is finishing and at ColorFX we take this step very seriously. The right equipment, highly trained and dedicated employees and our passion for excellence allow us to maintain a standard of quality here at ColorFX that others can only aspire to.