What is Prepress?

Prepress refers to the process other than the preparation of the press that are required in preparing a job for printing. This includes preparing the design and layout of digital files to make them ready for printing.

Why is it important in printing?

Prepress is probably the most important step in getting a print job right. When prepress is done right, the possibility of a poorly done or incorrectly prepared job is virtually non-existent. With ColorFX Free Preflight Review, our prepress department checks all client’s electronic files and makes adjustments like adding crop marks and converting the color modes to industry specifications which is CMYK. Here at ColorFX, our prepress department is truly the heart and soul of what online printing is about when done right.

ColorFX Free Preflight Review

Our dedicated prepress team will run your file through a 30-point inspection process. Below are some of the technical issues we inspect for:

  • Artwork measurements
  • Bleed setup
  • Images with low resolution
  • Elements outside of the safe zone
  • Image clipping
  • Font sizing
  • Fonts which are not embedded
  • Page fold setup
  • Page scaling
  • Check for line weights
  • Correct text spacing (expanded/condensed)
  • Borders that are at risk of being cut
  • USPS Mailing Guidelines compliance
  • Bindery setup for artwork with multi-pages

    If you have any additional questions about our free preflight review or file setup, please contact us here.