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For good reason buyers of trade printing became excited about dramatic and sweeping decreases in prices as a result of ganging print jobs together. Prices came way down while reseller profits increased in many cases. Unfortunately in the process the end user became neglected regarding unusual sizes or quantity requirements that didn’t align with established gang-run choices. If the end user needs 3,000 they obviously can’t buy 2,500 and 5,000 leaves them with 2,000 unwanted and unneeded. Not a particularly efficient solution for ecological reasons either. If the size the end user wants doesn’t match the choices available they often hear “it’s really going to cost you if you don’t choose from the available options”. Like most other printers we too got caught up in that rat-race and we quickly saw the customers real needs being ignored. If the customer wants 6,250 printed of a non- standard size to make their piece unusual, interesting or more effective, they shouldn’t be price penalized. At Color FX they won’t be. It wasn’t easy but our new system allows instant quotations on any quantity, size or shape imaginable and will lead the way to true satisfaction for end users. With no limitations or restrictions on size or quantity, no waste and unleashing the full potential for creativity, Color FX once again proves the customer comes first.