ColorFX Advantages

Environmental Safety

We work closely with our vendors to achieve the most up-to-date, environmentally friendly practices in our industry. We use low-VOC aqueous and UV coating, as well as chemical-free CTP plates. All our presses are equipped with pre-impregnated cleaning cloth roll washing systems.  


Your Size, Your Quantity

We place no limit or restrictions on size or quantity. You can choose your own size based on whatever artwork you need, as well as the exact quantity you need, and get INSTANT PRICING right on our website. 


Our Guarantee


QUALITY - At ColorFX we have our own set of standards. We don't judge our printing services based on how they compare to those provided by other full-service printing companies. Our printing company maintains the most rigorous quality control program we have ever encountered in the industry, and it shows. Many printing companies choose to resolve problems after they occur, but all too often the damage is already done to your relationship with your client. We know your reputation is on the line with each and every print job, so we go the extra mile and do everything in our power to keep your reputation as bright and shiny as our own.

PRICE - ColorFX offers some of the best prices and quality in the industry. We work very hard to deliver rock bottom pricing, and that's why we are confident enough to offer our 100% Price Match Guarantee.

Simply email a competitor website's final price (including shipping), to We will check the details and match the price for the exact same order based on your Loyalty Level. We will need your print-ready file and payment information to place the order. 

SERVICE - At ColorFX, Customer Service is not just a department, it's an integral part of our corporate philosophy.  In a way, customer service is the product we are selling. There are many who can sell you good quality printing, but the icing on the cake, the piece de resistance, is an attitude that each customer is different and each has needs that can be uncovered, understood and acted on. Everyone here knows this attitude is what sets us apart and what always makes coming to us with your printing needs such a rewarding experience.

TURNAROUND - When you work with ColorFX, worries about turnaround time take a back seat. We know that our customers often have tight schedules with their own clients. If we don't deliver when we say we will, this reaches all the way to the end user who becomes inconvenienced, disappointed, and may question their decision to work with the vendor. At ColorFX we are there for you with the understanding that on time is the only option. Take advantage of the turnaround time choices we make available, so you can meet every deadline with confidence. 

Enhanced Upload 

ColorFX provides an enhanced upload engine to make upload a snap. Upload multiple files of any size without any worries. The engine features auto-resume of broken uploads, support for multiple uploads at the same time, and detailed progress information.


Full Service Printing

Our comprehensive consulting service consists of evaluating customer printing needs and recommending the most time-efficient and cost-effective means of meeting those needs. In today's economy we strongly believe what distinguishes us is our commitment to quality, our experience, and our cutting-edge production technology combined with eco-friendly business practices.

Need Custom?

ColorFX loves custom orders! If you need custom size or stock or ink or coating or something else - let us know! Our printing experts will check your order's specifications and give you a quote within 1-2 days.