Leave the One-Size-Fits-All Sales Approach Behind

Some print companies make the mistake of talking to their prospects about presses and processes, rather than focusing on what the customer is trying to achieve. Print companies that talk to their potential clients about their end goals are much more likely to make the sale and build a strong relationship with the customer. Their prospects will see these printers as partners who can help them achieve their business goals.

Instead of pitching a generic “one size fits all” sales approach to potential customers, tailor your sales pitch to your prospect and their business needs. Focus on what motivates your prospect to buy print in the first print. There has to be a drive to place a print order, typically according to a business plan. Printers who talk to their prospects about business plans and growing pains are likely to get the order. Be sure to differentiate your company from other print companies so that the prospect isn’t tempted to choose solely on price.

If you’re looking for a wholesale print company to keep your potential clients and current customers satisfied, look no further than Color FX. With competitive pricing, fast turnaround times, and excellent customer service, Color FX has everything your company needs to stay ahead in the print industry!

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