Keeping Up With the Print Industry

One of the most integral parts of keeping up with the print industry is learning how to adapt to the changing times. Ross Avedissian, the CEO of ColorFX, founded the company 16 years ago to cater strictly to the wholesale trade print market. ColorFX focuses on providing fast turnaround times and competitive prices for commercial printers.

Here at ColorFX, we care about providing the most options for our clients. Recently, we added a Xerox iGen4 digital press to complement our Komori LS 40 offset press. This addition allows us to accommodate our client’s needs by fulfilling both large and small orders, instead of focusing primarily on large-volume orders as was done in the past. According to Avedissian, “Installing the iGen4 has allowed us to meet this change in the industry head on, because it redefines the standards of printing.”

ColorFX is a wholesale printing company that strives to keep our customers satisfied. We stay ahead of the times so that you can continue to provide excellent service to your clients, because we know that your reputation depends on our product.

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