4 Simple Steps to Effective Postcard Marketing

The postcard is an amazing direct mailing technique and can be extremely effective in capturing your target audience.  Unlike mailing delivered in an envelope, the postcard has the advantage to instantly grab the attention of its viewers since its advertisement message is immediately visible.  Despite this clear advantage many advertisers market the postcard incorrectly and don’t effectively know how to use this marketing piece to its full potential.   The most common mistake advertisers make it cluttering the postcard and actually making their viewer turned off and numb to the advertisement.  Let’s take a dive into the anatomy of the postcard and learn how we can make successfully win your audience over. Continue Reading…

Custom Calendar Printing

custom calendars

The year 2016 is fast approaching and almost every agency is either sending or receiving calendars in bulk. At ColorFX, Inc. we are here to produce even the most unique calendar printing designs for your clients, with unique size and quantity options to match. Our website is set up like no other wholesale trader printer out there, calculating your price based on your client’s very specific print needs. If you have exhausted our options for standard online products, which are many…we will take your custom calendar printing order offline to ensure your production is 100% how your client intends.

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Ramping Up For the Holidays

Ramping Up For the HolidaysAlthough October is just settling in, the holiday season is creeping up on us.  It seems like the season seems to start earlier and earlier! Many business have already adorned their walls and walkways with red and green, and some are already running their holiday promotions.  With the economy still in a shaky state, it makes sense that some shoppers want to get  a jump start on finding the best deals and also may want to spread their gift buying out over several months.  Now is the perfect time for your company to begin to map out and promote your holiday plan. The first step of this process is figuring out what specials and promotions you will offer this holiday season and when you will want to run those promotions.  Consider creating a unique selling proposition to set your business apart from your competitors.  Most businesses are running lighter promotions now, and will present their best deals closer to the holidays. The next step in this process is deciding how to get those promotions in front of consumers. Continue Reading…

Making the World Greener, One Print at a Time

Green PrintingGoing green has become an urgent issue in today’s world. With the consciousness of green gas emissions and other damaging toxic chemicals exposed to our planet, it is up to everyone to contribute to cleaning up the world.  According to TAPPI, in 2001 the average per capita paper use in the USA was 700 pounds, with 95% of business information still stored on paper. Paper is everywhere and obviously an important part of our functional society. However, this means it can potentially have a negative effect on our society if we don’t do anything about it.  This notion should urge more people to actively consider and promote the usage of a safe and environmentally healthier alternatives.

ColorFx takes helping the environment very seriously which is why we are committed to environmentally safe business practices. One of the main ways we contribute back to the environment is that we only use vegetable oil based ink and 100% tree free recycled paper. Our vegetable ink was designed to deliver the highest quality of performance with high color strengths and minimal piling. The paper we use are NOT made out of any water, toxic agents such as bleaching chemicals, and trees.

Our company also subscribes to the paper less program which its main goal is to minimize paper waste during our production within our facility. We enforce this policy by controlling our number of ready sheets by using the same paper more than one time. The paper less program (PLP) is also enforced across our entire business. To top it off, we also choose our vendors carefully ensuring they are also committed to environmentally safe practices. These are just some of the few measures we have taken to contribute back to keeping the environment and the world safe.

For more information regarding how ColorFX goes green, please visit our green printing section.
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