Ramping Up For the Holidays

Ramping Up For the HolidaysAlthough October is just settling in, the holiday season is creeping up on us.  It seems like the season seems to start earlier and earlier! Many business have already adorned their walls and walkways with red and green, and some are already running their holiday promotions.  With the economy still in a shaky state, it makes sense that some shoppers want to get  a jump start on finding the best deals and also may want to spread their gift buying out over several months.  Now is the perfect time for your company to begin to map out and promote your holiday plan. The first step of this process is figuring out what specials and promotions you will offer this holiday season and when you will want to run those promotions.  Consider creating a unique selling proposition to set your business apart from your competitors.  Most businesses are running lighter promotions now, and will present their best deals closer to the holidays. The next step in this process is deciding how to get those promotions in front of consumers.

One great, and inexpensive way to get your holiday message out is by postcards. ColorFX offers high gloss, full color postcards at an amazing price.  Customers can purchase 1,000 postcards from ColorFX for less then $40.  There are so many products offered on the ColorFX  website that would be a perfect way to promote your holiday specials.  Once you have decided what your promotions are, and how you want to present them, it is just a matter of getting that message out. Whether you are doing mailers, or taking a more “Gorilla Marketing” approach with flyers or door hangers you want to be in the forefront of the holiday shopper’s mind, and October is a great month to start.[wr_button el_title=”Order Postcards” button_text=”Order Postcards” link_type=”url” button_type_url=”http://www.colorfxweb.com/products/post-card-printing.aspx” open_in=”current_browser” button_alignment=”center” button_margin_top=”0″ button_margin_left=”0″ button_margin_bottom=”0″ button_margin_right=”0″ button_size=”default” button_color=”btn-danger” appearing_animation=”slide_from_right” appearing_animation_speed=”Medium” disabled_el=”no” ][/wr_button]

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