Distinctive Business Cards

Paul Allen business card Anyone who wants to grow their business through personal contacts needs business cards.  The biggest challenge with a business card is designing one that stands out and that people will want to        hang onto, thereby giving you a greater chance of winning their business.

The fundamental purpose of a business card is to convey contact information such as name, logo, and phone number, etcetera.

Plain black and white business cards adequately convey the contact information, but they’re not perceived as valuable and are likely to be thrown away by recipients.  Special business cards that look  like they represent an investment on the part of the person or business who had them printed or that include helpful information are less likely to quickly land in the trash can.

There are many features to choose from to help you create a distinctive business card.

One effective strategy is to print a one-year calendar on the back of the business card.  People often keep it as a handy calendar in their purse or wallet and are likely to remember the person who gave the card to them, for at least a year.

Business cards can be printed with any type of colorful image in the background, such as a photograph of bright flowers.  Raised lettering that creates a 3-D effect is another option.

Include a photograph of yourself on the front or back of the card to really set your card apart from others.

For lowest prices, get wholesale printing or discount printing.

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