Direct Mailing

ColorFX provides 100% guaranteed satisfaction and fast turnaround times, but did you know that we will also save you time by mailing printed materials for you?  We will even design your mailer for you, if you choose.   The other option is to upload your own design.

Your direct mailer will be printed on 14 pt. Gloss Cover stock at our discount prices using our high quality standards.

You will provide the list of names and addresses you want the direct mailer sent to, and ColorFX will deliver the items at our competitive rates.

There are some decisions you’ll make that affect the cost of sending the direct mailers.

First, do you want to send the items via First Class or Standard?

Keep in mind when you’re designing your direct mailer that postage prices depend upon the size, weight, and thickness of your printed piece as well as whether you’re sending the items First Class or Standard.

Another factor that will determine the cost of your direct mailers has to do with the way the mail is handled at the post office.

Presorted means that the addressed mailers are sorted by zip code.  Presorted mail gets you cheaper postage rates than mail that isn’t presorted.

Automated means a barcode is printed on each piece of mail.  The barcode represents the delivery point address.  The amount of space needed on the mailer for ink jetting the bar code is 4” wide by 2” tall. Presorted automated handling is the least expensive postage for direct mailers.

Machinable mail can run through the postal machines, and the address is read by the machines.

Non-machinable means the size ratio does not meet requirements to be read by the postal machines and a postal employee must read the address and process the mail. This postage is more expensive.

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