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Breaking Out the Business Cards

Breaking Out the Business Cards

While the large number of social media outlets that exist today may be raining leaders, as far as social networking goes, perhaps the best way to network with people you meet in person is through the use of powerful little tools called business cards. All too often forgotten or overlooked, business cards pack a lot of incredibly important information onto a small, travel-size card.


When a networking opportunity presents itself in person, you want to be prepared. Taking the time to find a pen and a piece of paper, and then scribbling down your name, phone number and email address, is not only a huge waste of time, but comes across as incredibly unprofessional. To always be prepared to make your best impression, make sure to carry around business cards. They are clean, credible and, thanks to a number of companies who offer cheap business card printing, pleasantly affordable.


Why Business Cards Are Still Necessary

Many people in this day and age view business cards as all but dead. However, the benefits of a business card are undeniable. Here are some ways that you can benefit from using business cards.

Business cards function as tiny brochures for your business. The card represents the detail that you put into work for your customers and serves as evidence that your business values quality. The card design and layout are an easy way to make a lasting impression.

Although a lot of people have stopped carrying business cards in favor of exchanging information digitally, there are still many people who have not fully switched digital communication. Without a business card to offer, not only are you alienating these individuals, you’re also missing potential valuable connections.

People are more likely to remember you if you pass them a business card. Think of all of the people at a convention who choose to simply exchange contact information digitally. If you are one of the few passing out business cards, people will be able to recall you more easily later on.

ColorFX is a printing company based in Los Angeles that offers business card printing at affordable prices. We know that you’re a busy person, which is why you can order all of your printing needs online! Take a look at all of our business card customization options and we promise you won’t be disappointed.

Brochures Broker the Deal for You

When you hand a potential customer your business card, you’re handing him your name, your company’s name, an e-mail address and a contact numbers. If you hand that same client a brochure, you’re handing him a concept, a vision and an idea he can use. Whether you’re selling widgets or left-handed ice cube trays, a brochure cements your brand’s image squarely in the mind of your customers. Having a brochure isn’t good enough—you need a great brochure. Brochure printing works. That’s why the most successful local and national companies use them.

What Makes a Brochure Great?

A picture is surely worth a thousand words—maybe even more on a brochure. A detailed photo of your product, a lush snapshot of a beach or a collage of sporting events immediately tells your customer the main focus of your company. Not only does it reveal the field you’re in, it also lets potential clients know how you feel about yourself. A company who has a well-designed brochure will receive more sales calls than a company that has less-expensive, cheap-looking brochures.

First impressions are the only impressions that matter when you’re trying to impress a new customer. You need your brochure to make the best impression possible. The traditional tri-fold brochure uses an attractive graphic on the front to lure the buyer into the greater details listed inside the brochure. You don’t have to wait for your client to open the brochure to get your message across. That thousand-word photo on the front should give them a pretty good idea.

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Distinctive Business Cards

Paul Allen business card Anyone who wants to grow their business through personal contacts needs business cards.  The biggest challenge with a business card is designing one that stands out and that people will want to        hang onto, thereby giving you a greater chance of winning their business.

The fundamental purpose of a business card is to convey contact information such as name, logo, and phone number, etcetera. Continue Reading…

Why You Need Business Cards

businesscardsCalling cards from centuries past, which were used to announce visitors, evolved into business cards. A quick and easy way to communicate and advertise yourself and your company is to hand out a business card. There are many choices of color, font, and design that can be used to create just the right business card that will drive prospective customers to your business. Continue Reading…

Professional Business Card Design


If you’re an entrepreneur or you do a lot of business networking than you understands the importance of having a business card.  In fact, the business card is one of the most fundamental requirements for the average business man.  Unfortunately, it’s such a common scenario for someone to easily forget about you especially when people often create “forgettable” business cards. The common business card usually consists of a plain white card with the name of the person or company and basic contact information.  With everyone using such a similar format it is no wonder why most boring business cards find their way into the trash can.   This is why it is so important to make your card stand out from the sea of mundane business cards.

With that said, the challenge really is creating a business card that stands out but still maintains a professional demeanor.  Depending on how flexible you are in how you want to “portray” your image in your business card this will determine the design choices you have at your disposal.

We will be examining the following elements more closely:

  • Color Choices
  • Layout
  • Logo and Pictures
  • Typography and Font

Let’s dive into this concept some more and figure out how we can break down the business card design process from various prospective.
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