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Changing With the Times

Ross Avedissian, CEO of ColorFX Inc. (Sun Valley, CA), founded the family-operated company 16 years ago to cater strictly to the wholesale trade printing market. “We have a strong commitment to providing excellent customer service, and treat all of our customers like they are a priority.” Color FX focuses on providing quick turnarounds and competitive prices for commercial printers. The 25,000-sq.-ft. facility recently added a Xerox iGen4 digital press to complement its Komori LS 40 offset press.

“Due to changes within the industry, we no longer focus primarily on large-volume orders, but rather accommodate our client’s needs by fulfilling both large and small orders,” says Avedissian. “[Installing the iGen4] has allowed us to meet this change in the industry head on, because it redefines the standards of printing,” he says. “Color consistency and predictability is critical to my customers, and it allows us to stand out because repeat jobs will always look the same.”

The company offers a range of print services from general commercial work to custom printing, including the design of custom dielines and folding cartons.

“What surprises our trade partners about our business is that we truly care about quality,” says Avedissian. “This is the culture of excellence that causes each member of our staff to be proud of identifying themselves as a printer.”

The company’s sales support team is led by a general manager who has been with the company for more than 15 years. “We have worked extremely hard over the years to develop a great relationship with our clients,” says Avedissian, “and we continue to expand our client base.”

Avedissian’s son, Arby, is head of production. He trains his staff to have a strong work ethic, treat one another like family and work as an efficient and functional team. “They are proud of what they do every day, and no job is too small for them,” he boasts. “As a company, we are proud to be the latest generation of a centuries-old craft, but we are now catering to a new business model of printing, which is Internet based.”

In recent years, ColorFX has leveraged its website ( as a sales tool. “We have created a user-friendly website where customers can log in to get free product and shipping prices, submit orders, upload files, pay online and track their order status,” he says. The site contains a template library and helpful links.

Developing Relationships

Color FX treats each commercial print client individually. “Every client has different priorities, such as time, price and quality,” says Avedissian. “It is our job to cater to each client’s individual needs and make their priority our priority.”

By partnering with customers, ColorFX aims to be personally involved in helping them serve the end user. Recently, the company conducted a survey of all its customers, which garnered a 25% response. According to Avedissian, the shop earned a 100% rating for production quality.

When new technologies or methods present opportunities for ColorFX, Avedissian embraces a strategy to put his customers first. At first glance, anything that reduces print costs can seem like a windfall. He offers this example: “For good reason, buyers of trade printing became excited about dramatic and sweeping decreases in prices as a result of ganging print jobs together.” It brought prices down and allowed his customers to increase their profits.

“Unfortunately, in the process, the end user became neglected regarding unusual sizes or quantity requirements that didn’t align with established gang-run choices,” Avedissian explains. “If the client needs 3,000, they obviously can’t buy 2,500. And 5,000 leaves them with 2,000 unwanted, unneeded pieces. This is not particularly ecological, either.”

Forcing customers to choose from a limited range of gang-run options just didn’t make good business sense. “They often hear, ‘It’s really going to cost you if you don’t choose from the available options,’” he says. “Like most other printers, we got caught up in that rat race, and we quickly saw the customer’s real needs being ignored. If the customer wants 6,250 printed at a non-standard size to make their piece unusual, interesting or more effective, they shouldn’t be price penalized.” He decided that they wouldn’t be, on jobs produced at ColorFX.

“It wasn’t easy,” Avedissian explains, “but our online system allows instant quotations on any quantity, size or shape imaginable and will lead the way to true satisfaction for end users.” Without size or quantity restrictions, the company is able to both cut waste and allow for creativity, proving the customer comes first.

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