New Initiatives for Green Printing

ColorFX has always been dedicated to using green initiatives for its paper and printing services.  Environmentally-friendly practices have become critical in today’s business world.  In our planet we work hard to lessen our carbon footprint and help the environment.  According to TAPPI, 300 million metric tons of paper and paperboard are made each year.  Eventually, most of that paper will be thrown away.  We choose to work with materials that can be reused in order to save trees and find healthier environmental alternatives.

In order to reach these goals, we are proud to use vegetable oil–based inks, recycled papers, environmentally safe practices, and a paperless program that reduces the amount of paper waste throughout our production facility.  Our inks are designed to offer the best performance on offset presses with excellent color strength and Roller stability.  Our staff works closely with vendors to find the newest, safest methods of environmental practice within the printing industry.  This includes low UV and VOC aqueous coating, along with chemical-free CTP plates.  The paperless program used in our facility includes recycling excess paper and control of make ready prep sheets by reusing the paper.

According to research, 3 cubic yards of space can be saved in landfills for every ton of paper that is recycled.  This has the additional advantage of saving communities money because there is less disposal cost.  In the United States, about 45% of used paper was taken from the waste process and recycled to become new products.  In 2011, over 38% of total wood fiber needed to produce America’s paper is supplied by recovered paper supplies.  Wood fibers can be recycled 5 to 7 times, then the fibers become too short to use.  In green printing, we take advantage of the wood fibers over their entire useful life.

At ColorFX, our recycled paper is ISO FSC certified and Ultra Green™ 100% tree-free papers, which is manufactured without trees, water, or toxic agents.  We now offer 55% post-consumer recycled cover stock (14pt), which is the thickness most commonly used for printing postcards and business cards. The processes used to recycle our paper do not include toxic ingredients such as bleach or other chemicals.  In fact, there are no trees used in our green printing processes!

If your organization has been looking for a reputable printer to help with your postcard and business card needs, we are happy to provide green printing services from the moment you order until your product is shipped.  Our environmentally friendly inks, papers, safe practices, and paperless program were designed to lessen our company’s impact on the natural world around us.  We invite you to speak to our representatives if you have any questions about our effective green printing processes!

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