A Look at the Simple Door Hanger

Perhaps it’s at election time when people become most aware of door hangers, as these effective promotional tools are left on door handles across the country as campaign volunteers canvass neighborhoods. Their messages can range from candidate advocacy, to simple get-out-the-vote reminders. But door hangers are also familiar to anyone who travels and stays at hotels, or on board ships during cruises, and has hung out the sign to “do not disturb,” or alternatively, to have their rooms tended to by cleaning crews. Hotels, perhaps taking a cue from campaigners, are realizing that there is “real estate” on these door hangers they can use for other advertising purposes, and so frequently, customers will find ads for nearby restaurants and attractions for whatever facility they’re staying at.  We’re experts at printing door hangers — one of the most effectively “targeted” types of advertising there is! And currently, all door hanger printing is 10% off, with coupon code 10ALL2012. Contact us today at (877) 763-7671 — our doors are always open!

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