What is Spiral Binding?

Spiral Stitching

To bind using a spiral of continuous wire or plastic looped through punched holes.

Spiral BindingAdvantages

  •     Versatile & widely available
  •     Almost any material can be punched and bound, including paper, plastic and laminates.
  •     Lays flat.
  •     Ability to creatively interleaf pages.
  •     Finished piece folds over 360 degrees [useful for technical and reference applications].
  •     Well suited for short runs.
  •     Can accommodate grain short and most paper weights.


  •     Not as sturdy as double loop wire.
  •     If the wire is crushed, it will not return to its original shape.
  •     Pages will jog when open and pages will step up when turned. Crossover designs willnot align.
  •     Wire ends are left unfinished; may snag or pull.


  •     Holes are drilled or punched.
  •     Continuous spiral wire is fed into the holes sequentially.
  •     Wire is crimped on both ends to prevent unravelling.


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