What is Perfect Binding?

Perfect Binding

The spine or the book is cut and roughened, adhesive is applied to the rough edges and a cover is glued firmly in place. Bleeds and crossovers are also handled differently on perfect bound books.

Perfect BindingAdvantages

  •     Versitile
  •     Overall look and visual appeal
  •     Printable spine
  •     Longevity
  •     Ability to creatively interleaf pages


  •     Doesn’t lay flat. Not suggested for applications in which hands-free reading isimportant [e.g. cookbooks, technical guides, directories or instruction manuals].
  •     Minimum thickness of 1⁄8″ inch needed if spine is printed or1⁄16inch if spine isn’t printed.


  •     Folded signatures or single leaves are gathered into a stack.
  •     The spine side of the stack is milled to remove the folded edges, and roughened toexpose the paper fibers. The edge of each page is left exposed.
  •     Hot melt adhesive is applied along the spine edge of the book. The glue does notpenetrate; it flows around the exposed fibers.
  •     The cover is applied to the spine while the glue is hot. It is then pressed onto thespine, and wrapped around the book block.
  •     Hot melt dries in 2 to 25 seconds.
  •     The book is run through a three knife trimmer to trim the face, the head and the foot.


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