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Effective Marketing for Catalog Printing


If your company offers a variety of products, a simple e-mail or flyer may not be enough to successfully market your goods.  Catalog printing has been used for decades as a way for business owners to bring in greater sales.  Catalogs show up everywhere, from the mailbox to grocery store shelves.  If you are a business owner, an effective catalog campaign can raise brand recognition and sales. Continue Reading…

Marketing and Consultative Selling

Although the use of marketing has increased in the Printing and related Graphic Arts industries over the last ten years, it is still not practiced to the degree it should be. There is no other industry with annual sales over $130 billion that employs so few marketing tools.

When printing companies do prepare a marketing plan and execute promotion programs, all too often it is done ineffectively, without proper measurement, or follow up. Is it any wonder that many of these companies abandon their marketing efforts complaining that marketing does not work or is not necessary in the printing field.

Unfortunately the “good old days” when a printer could simply purchase a new press, fill it with work and make a profit are long gone. Competitive pressures and the inherent challenges of over-capacity in the printing industry, require a more strategic approach.

More that ever, the printing industry must embrace the disciplines of marketing. Most important, printers need to do a better job of positioning themselves through differentiation strategies. What good does it do to invest money in sales materials, advertising, or any form of self-promotion that do not clearly communicate how the company is different or better than the competition?

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Amazing Rack Card Design Suggestions

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Putting the right info on your rack card can command immediate attention and help you get amazing return on your investment!   Here are five helpful design tips that can make your rack card marketing campaigns more successful than the last. Continue Reading…

Catalog Printing and Marketing

pdt_icon_CatalogCatalogs are a great way to introduce your complete product line to potential or existing customers.  Some companies release product catalogs on a quarterly basis, whereas others who don’t have a rapidly changing product line release on an annual basis.  Catalogs can also be released on a seasonal basis depending on your business’ product line.  For example, if you are in the business of selling costumes than you obviously should have a catalog fully dedicated to just Halloween costumes come October.  Catalog printing is a traditional marketing method that seems to have withstood the onslaught of the internet.  Most people still appreciate a physical catalog and more often than not they actually take the time to go through the entire catalog. This is because it is clearer for some people to browse linearly one page at a time through your catalog than navigating aimlessly through a website.

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Understand the Role of Table Tent Advertising

table tentsA table tent is a triangular, tri-fold, marketing or advertising piece that is usually seen in restaurants, bar tops, and random office counter tops.  They are effective by nature of its bulky shape and our human tendency to pick them up with our hands.  People have grown accustomed to looking at table tents largely in part because of our dining experiences.  How many times have you sat down in a restaurant and while deciding what to eat pick up the table tent that is advertising a special.  Now more importantly, how many times have you actually ordered that special being advertised on the table tent?  I’m going to guess probably a handful of times. You see the table tent has warmed its way into our hearts because we see it as a supporting advertisement that helps us makes decisions when the situation calls for it.  We make a closer connection with the advertisement because we pick it up with our hands and expect it to show us something interesting and when it delivers it really delivers! Continue Reading…

Debunking Myths of Digital Printing #3

Case Study No. 3: The kind of personal data needed to make variable information printing valuable is just too difficult to find and to expensive to collect.

The Legend: The kind of personal data needed to make variable information printing valuable is just too difficult to find and to expensive to collect.

From the Beginning:

Early promotions of variable information printing demonstrated the process’s power by focusing on sophisticated and complex applications. This created the misconception that rich sets of personal data were required for successful Variable Information Printing.

Debunking the Myth:

In reality, the majority of today’s one on one marketing pieces, and may of the most effective ones, make creative use of the most basic data sets. Sourcing your data sets is usually straightforward and once a personalized communications initiative is under way rules can be put in place to collect additional personalized information an build a better database ensuring you will have the data you need when you need it.

Heres the Proof –

  • Simple personalization boosts response rate

Color name-only personalization has been shown to boost response rates by 135 percent over a comparable static black and white peice

  • Increasing ROI with one to one

Variable Printing done right allows you to maximize your ROI  by using one to one marketing.  While total cost per piece for marketing materials may increase, it has been shown that revenue increase can be quite substantial.

Remember that Variable Printing services can yield more personalized direct mail marketing campaigns and using the power of digital printing can help build better relationships with your customers.

Make sure to check in with us about our new Variable Printing Solutions and Think creatively about personalization to yield amazing results.



How to Maximize Your Door Hanger Campaign

door hangerDoor hangers can be a very effective way to help reel in more customers if executed properly.  Using door hangers as a marketing technique is a form of interruption marketing and is very different than sending something like a postcard in the mail. Think about it for a second, postcards are delivered to the potential customer’s mailbox. They already expect to receive their regular mail and different forms of advertisement in their mailbox.  If there’s a postcard in the mailbox they are probably not going to be surprised at all.  However, door hangers are completely the opposite.  When someone is walking into their house they are doing just that, walking.  They are not expecting to see an advertisement hung from their door and we are trying to interrupt what they are doing and make them pay attention to our ads.  They might pick up the door hanger and look at it, not look at it but bring into their house, or not look at it and throw it away.  This is why the design of the door hanger plays a crucial role in an effective door hanger campaign. Continue Reading…