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Catalog Promotion 10% off at Colorfxweb.com

Check out our special 10% off coupon for catalog printing at Colorfxweb.com. A catalog is a powerful tool of retail, but not just any arrangement will suffice. The assembly of a quality catalog requires careful attention to design, layout, material, and even the quality of ink used. If you’re in the business of designing and providing catalogs on behalf of retail customers, Color FX Web can take care of the print production, and we even offer a wealth of design templates as part of our wholesale catalog printing. So you can focus on running your business and meeting your customers’ needs, while we focus on bringing those needs to life.

Visit Colorfxweb.com or more details. Enter discount code cfxc10 at checkout. Expires May 31st, 2016.

Your Trade Printing Company

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Effective Marketing for Catalog Printing


If your company offers a variety of products, a simple e-mail or flyer may not be enough to successfully market your goods.  Catalog printing has been used for decades as a way for business owners to bring in greater sales.  Catalogs show up everywhere, from the mailbox to grocery store shelves.  If you are a business owner, an effective catalog campaign can raise brand recognition and sales. Continue Reading…

Color Printing vs. Black and White Printing

Selecting a custom print marketing design for a business often consists of a long series of decisions that need to be made. One of the most common choices that anyone who is having printed material produced needs to make, early on, is whether to go with color printing or black and white.

Black and white is usually less expensive, making it seem like the front-runner, initially. However, the benefits that come along with having bright, vibrant, eye-catching printed material for your customers are well worth the slightly higher price tag.

For example, if you were looking into having catalog printing done, color printing allows you to display information in a way that is easier on the eyes of your customer. Graphs, charts and photos are able to be shown in more detail that will draw your potential customers in, as opposed to leaving them squinting and trying to differentiate between multiple shades of gray.

If the cost of color printing is still leaving you perplexed in your decision, consider looking into purchasing your color printing wholesale, from an online color printing company such as Color FX. With outstanding deals, you’ll get all the benefits of vivid color printing — without breaking the bank.

Bottom line: black and white printing is perfectly fine, when you’re a student who’s rushing to turn in a term paper, but, for businesses who are interested in projecting a professional image, color printing is almost always the way to go.

ColorFX Offers Affordable Catalog Printing

There are a variety of reasons your business needs catalog printing. Catalogs can be used to display your products to your customers, showcase a single product, or contain annual reports. Are you searching for a catalog printing company that offers high quality product at affordable prices? ColorFX has everything your business needs to create a highly effective, appealing catalog to distribute to your clients!

At ColorFX, we understand that you need options in order to create the ideal catalog for your business. We offer a huge selection of stock, a number of coating and binding options, and a wide array of sizes and orientations to give your catalog that unique, customized look.

Most other printers only offer catalog printing in fixed quantity increments, but at ColorFX you can order the exact quantity needed! That means you won’t have to spend extra money on printing and shipping catalogs that you don’t even need! With our loyalty rewards and price match guarantee, you can’t go wrong with ColorFX!

Two Good Reasons to Use Print Marketing

Newspaper ad sales are down – down enough that newspapers all around the country are either shuttering their doors or scrambling to find ways to compete in a world where news is increasingly consumed off the page and on the screen. Meanwhile, sales of online ads are way up. Giants such as Google, Google’s YouTube, and Facebook are swiftly siphoning off advertising dollars that would normally go to network TV, magazines, and major papers.

In such an environment, it seems as if print marketing’s days are numbered. Why should businesses print catalogs, for example, when online catalogs are infinitely more scalable and cheaper to produce?

However, in some ways it is precisely because of the Internet revolution that print is in a better position to succeed than ever before. What do we mean by this statement? Consider the facts that online competition has made print more affordable than ever before and that, in today’s cerebral, digital era, print remains tangible and touchable.

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Five Reasons to Use Print Catalogs

Are product catalogs out of date? Some marketers would argue that they are. They would suggest that the only catalog you should be using is an online catalog. US Postal Services prices for mailing catalogs are higher than ever, they say, while an online catalog remains low-cost and infinitely scalable. However, there are still good reasons to use a printed catalog. Here are five of them.

1. Your target audience is more likely to purchase from a printed catalog.

While it’s true that nearly everyone is online these days, even your granny, not everyone is comfortable yet with making many of their purchases online. Different businesses target different demographics; you should consider your “perfect customer” and research their shopping habits. You might find that some audiences – particularly senior citizens and the elderly – are still more likely to make purchases through mail-order print catalogs than through online catalogs.

2. You print a small quantity of catalogs just for visitors to your store.

 While color catalog printing on a mass scale for mail-out purposes can be extraordinarily expensive, this is certainly not the only use for a printed catalog. Another way to use a product catalog is to print a small run and keep them on-hand for customers who come in for more information to your retail store. This will minimize your expenses while still providing professional, high-quality catalogs for customers who would like them.

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The Keys to Successful Direct Mail

Whether it’s called direct mail, direct marketing, or mail marketing, the use of database marketing and the U.S. Postal Service can be a cost-effective way to find new customers. One major caution though, direct mail without proper preparation and a solid follow-up process may not only fail, it can be very costly.

If your printing, or related graphic arts company is like most, your customers may be scattered all over specific region or a an area no bigger than a single zip code. If you are a larger, more specialized firm, your customers may be spread across the nation. Identifying and locating new prospects and converting them into customers cannot always be done efficiently with a sales force alone. This is where a well planned, creative, and sustained mail marketing program can be very successful.

The first thing to do before considering the use of direct mail is to determine whether the markets and/or industries your company serves will respond to mail marketing. If the answer is yes, then you must identify the prospect’s “hot buttons”. In other words, what will get their attention and cause a response. This is where the creative aspects of direct marketing meet the science of direct mail. I have seen many perfectly executed direct mail campaigns fail because they lacked a creative, attention getting hook.

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