ICIC And “Inner City 100” Back in the News

As our regular customers know, ColorFX printing was a proud recipient of the ICIC’s — Initiative for a Competitive Inner City — award for the 100 Fastest Growing Urban Businesses in America. Now, ICIC is back in the news announcing a strategic alliance with Next Street, the first merchant bank for urban enterprise, to accelerate the implementation of economic development strategies in low-income areas of U.S. cities. ICIC founder, Harvard Business School Professor Michael Porter called the partnership “a deep and ongoing collaboration” when it was announced at the Inner City Economic Summit, held at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston. “Next Street shares ICIC’s vision, and will allow scaling of solutions around the country.” Access to growth — and capital — remain a challenge for many inner city businesses. ColorFX is proud to be an ICIC recipient, as many ICIC successful ICIC recipients have higher productivity rates and lower debt that the average US corporation.  For more information on all the services and specials offered by ColorFX,  phone us toll free at  (877) 763-7671.

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