Great Postcard Designs

Direct mail has been a useful form of marketing for businesses for decades. Even with technology and email marketing taking the lead in the marketing world, many are still seeing great benefits of using direct mail. Postcards are a cost effective way for businesses to reach their potential consumers. In addition, post cards can be used to announce events such as an upcoming wedding or as thank you cards.

Because mailed postcards are often put among many other pieces of mail, it is important that your design stands out. You want to design something that causes the recipient to stop and look at your postcard. If your postcard is for business use, it is very important to make sure the message on your post card is concise, direct and includes a simple call to action.

ColorFX has a program to help take the headache out of ¬†using direct mail. Not only does ColorFx provide high quality postcard printing at an incredible price, they will take any mailing list and label the postcards, stamp them and mail them for you. Rather than spending hours preparing postcards to send, use ColorFX’s direct mail service.

Here are some creative postcard designs that we really liked!





main image



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