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Best Wholesale Postcard Printing Services

Postcards are an incredible approach to keep in contact with current clients and connect with potential customers. There are many utilization for this cost effective marketing, making it a significant impact on your business quickly. Your clients can maximize the advertising space by putting their logo or a picture on one side and sharing business data on the other. Here at Colorfx, we offer fantastic discounts on wholesale postcard printing services. to help your clients send the correct message inevitably.

Post office based direct mail advertising is a viable approach to contact an expansive gathering of people. Postcards don’t require the utilization of an envelope, making them speedy and simple to drop via the post office. You can also place an custom postcard print order from Colorfx website at http://www.colorfxweb.com/products/post-card-printing.aspx on any quantities and sizes.
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Save 3% on Postcards* from Colorfxweb.com

Postcards are a great way to stay in touch with current customers and reach out to potential clients. There are countless uses for this cost-effective form of marketing, making it an invaluable tool. Your customers can maximize the space by putting their logo or an image on one side and sharing business information on the other. Color FX Web offers high-quality wholesale postcard printing and postcard-with-business-card printing, to help your customers send the right message every time.

Direct mail marketing is an effective way to reach a large audience. Postcards don’t even require the use of an envelope, making them quick and easy to drop in the mail. Our professional postcard printing is designed to make an impact.
Top Quality Printed Postcards

Many companies send postcards as part of their marketing efforts, but not all of these marketing materials are created equal. Your customers shouldn’t put their name on anything that doesn’t support their reputation for excellence. Low quality, flimsy postcards are a direct reflection on their business, effectively earning them a reputation they certainly don’t want.

At Color FX Web, we always use high-quality and durable stock, because we care just as much about the finished product as you do. Wholesale postcard printing is done en masse, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t expect perfection with each and every piece. Our team understands that each and every postcard sends a message — and we want it to be a positive one.

Our postcard printing makes it easier than ever to reach your target market. We print and deliver each postcard exactly as instructed because no one knows the business better than your customers. Color FX Web takes the time to get your order right the first time. We’re not about rush jobs and promising super tight turnaround times because that’s how mistakes are made. You can count on us to meet our deadlines, but we allow ourselves the time to perfect every last detail.
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The 5 Essentials of Postcard Marketing

Postcard marketing is just about the most cost effective form of direct advertising, for both on line and bricks and mortar businesses. However, it can easily turn into a failed project if the following essentials are ignored.

1- Understand your target market’s profile.

 Without understanding your target market you may end up wasting a lot of money, purchasing a mailing list that will simply not deliver any results. Depending on your target market, you should also consider the possibility of not buying a list but instead have the post office deliver to every address in particular zip codes, saving a lot of money in purchasing a list, addressing and sorting fees.

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The Keys to Successful Direct Mail

Whether it’s called direct mail, direct marketing, or mail marketing, the use of database marketing and the U.S. Postal Service can be a cost-effective way to find new customers. One major caution though, direct mail without proper preparation and a solid follow-up process may not only fail, it can be very costly.

If your printing, or related graphic arts company is like most, your customers may be scattered all over specific region or a an area no bigger than a single zip code. If you are a larger, more specialized firm, your customers may be spread across the nation. Identifying and locating new prospects and converting them into customers cannot always be done efficiently with a sales force alone. This is where a well planned, creative, and sustained mail marketing program can be very successful.

The first thing to do before considering the use of direct mail is to determine whether the markets and/or industries your company serves will respond to mail marketing. If the answer is yes, then you must identify the prospect’s “hot buttons”. In other words, what will get their attention and cause a response. This is where the creative aspects of direct marketing meet the science of direct mail. I have seen many perfectly executed direct mail campaigns fail because they lacked a creative, attention getting hook.

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Why Print – Part 2 of 5

Continued from previous post: Part 1 of 5 on Why Print

Print is interactive.

Personalized magazine bingo cards let readers send for more information with quick check offs. Or, use postcards and use a direct mail campaign to drive prospects to a personalized website where they can tell you their aspirations and expectations.

Print drives a higher ROI.

Printing is particularly persuasive as direct mail. According to research by the Direct Marketing Association and the Wharton Economic Forecasting Associates, print’s performance through the mail can be measured in dollars and cents.
The DMA researchers found that U.S. advertisers spend $167 per person in direct mail marketing to earn $2,095 worth of goods per person, scoring a return on investment of 13 to 1.

Why? Because people gravitate toward print. A total of 38% of households surveyed by the U.S. Postal Service in 2006 found direct mail pieces interesting. That study also found that 85% of mail is either read or visually scanned by recipients.
And direct mail is also a great way to expand business relationships and keep customers loyal. A study by the Rochester Institute of Technology Printing Industry Center found that 67% of respondents like getting flyers and postcards about new products from companies they do business with.

Print is beautiful.

Why do they call it the graphic arts? Because print is beautiful and printers continue to consider every job they do a personal masterpiece. And now, advanced printing techniques, like high-fi color and advanced screening, make their work more appealing and more compelling.

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Postcards Yield Plenty for You and Your Clients’ Business

Marked by their simple effectiveness and affordability, postcards have carved their own niche in the world of marketing with a number of valuable applications. First, they allow you to hone your target demographics to a specific, usable cross-section of what is first a looming amount of data. Next, Postcard Printing establishes an instant connection with prospective clients and customers because postcards aren’t hidden or encumbered by envelopes like their direct mail counterparts. These benefits, however, will only befall the marketing entity that knows how to effectively market their products and services on a postcard. Without a definitive direction, specificity, and a powerful image, it is very difficult even for postcards to avoid the waste bin.

Establishing Your Direction
Before diving into the tonal elements of the picture itself, you must first establish a definitive direction. This is based on the reaction that you want your postcard to have on the consumer and as such should act as a guide for the rest of the decisions involved in production of every aspect of your marketing message. Whatever your exact approach is, the general goal is that the consumer is intimately acquainted with your brand or brands, and will contact you or physically come to your store.

Offering an Incentive
Once a distinct direction is established, you must positively condition potential customers to complete the above mentioned steps by offering incentives to do so. The exact nature of how this is done can vary depending on your customer base but adheres to a general structure.

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Great Postcard Designs

Direct mail has been a useful form of marketing for businesses for decades. Even with technology and email marketing taking the lead in the marketing world, many are still seeing great benefits of using direct mail. Postcards are a cost effective way for businesses to reach their potential consumers. In addition, post cards can be used to announce events such as an upcoming wedding or as thank you cards. Continue Reading…

Debunking Myths of Digital Printing #3

Case Study No. 3: The kind of personal data needed to make variable information printing valuable is just too difficult to find and to expensive to collect.

The Legend: The kind of personal data needed to make variable information printing valuable is just too difficult to find and to expensive to collect.

From the Beginning:

Early promotions of variable information printing demonstrated the process’s power by focusing on sophisticated and complex applications. This created the misconception that rich sets of personal data were required for successful Variable Information Printing.

Debunking the Myth:

In reality, the majority of today’s one on one marketing pieces, and may of the most effective ones, make creative use of the most basic data sets. Sourcing your data sets is usually straightforward and once a personalized communications initiative is under way rules can be put in place to collect additional personalized information an build a better database ensuring you will have the data you need when you need it.

Heres the Proof –

  • Simple personalization boosts response rate

Color name-only personalization has been shown to boost response rates by 135 percent over a comparable static black and white peice

  • Increasing ROI with one to one

Variable Printing done right allows you to maximize your ROI  by using one to one marketing.  While total cost per piece for marketing materials may increase, it has been shown that revenue increase can be quite substantial.

Remember that Variable Printing services can yield more personalized direct mail marketing campaigns and using the power of digital printing can help build better relationships with your customers.

Make sure to check in with us about our new Variable Printing Solutions and Think creatively about personalization to yield amazing results.