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For good reason buyers of trade printing became excited about dramatic and sweeping decreases in prices as a result of ganging print jobs together. Prices came way down while reseller profits increased in many cases. Unfortunately in the process the end user became neglected regarding unusual sizes or quantity requirements that didn’t align with established gang-run choices. If the end user needs 3,000 they obviously can’t buy 2,500 and 5,000 leaves them with 2,000 unwanted and unneeded. Not a particularly efficient solution for ecological reasons either. If the size the end user wants doesn’t match the choices available they often hear “it’s really going to cost you if you don’t choose from the available options”. Like most other printers we too got caught up in that rat-race and we quickly saw the customers real needs being ignored. If the customer wants 6,250 printed of a non- standard size to make their piece unusual, interesting or more effective, they shouldn’t be price penalized. At Color FX they won’t be. It wasn’t easy but our new system allows instant quotations on any quantity, size or shape imaginable and will lead the way to true satisfaction for end users. With no limitations or restrictions on size or quantity, no waste and unleashing the full potential for creativity, Color FX once again proves the customer comes first.

Free Shipping to CA, AZ, NV & UT from has been serving print resellers in California, Arizona, Neveda, & Utah. Enjoy Free shipping with your order and save your bottom line profit. From booket printing to catalog printing-no matter what your customer needs are-with free shipping you can save huge on your total cost.


• Does not include Business cards, Postcards, Banners and Custom Orders, with or without estimates.

• Not Valid with any other promotions, coupons or discounts.

• Loyalty Rewards are not granted when using Free Shipping options.

• Rural areas (areas that are not urbanized) are not included.

• Lift Gate not included.

• Since we offer various turnaround and delivery options to serve our client’s needs, we cannot change or modify an order after submission under any circumstances.

We will only deliver to the account holder’s address, NOT a 3rd party, such as your client or any other address, and will be one time shipment only. If the provided address is not entered correctly, we will deliver to a re-routed address at your expense.

• Delivery is not available to apartment complexes, high-rise buildings and gated communities.

• We only deliver to the front door of business addresses located on the first floor.

• We do not offer free shipping to residential addresses or home businesses, there will be a charge.

• Delivery Service is only available “Monday – Friday” between the hours of 8:00am – 5:00pm.

Free Shipping will be delivered to your address within 1-3 business days after your order turnaround time.

• If a quicker delivery other than 1-3 days is required then shipping charges will apply and discount offers or coupons may be applied as usual.

ColorFX will always act to make sure the delivery schedules are met, however, unexpected equipment failure, technical problems may delay printing process and on time shipping. Such evidenced cases will not be a ground for order cancellation. ColorFX is not liable for third party shipping errors, omissions or damaged shipments, if such cases occur, ColorFX will file a claim to third party shipping companies and whatever the refund, it will be handed over to the customer. Delivery Fees calculated and charged to customer includes the third party shipping entity’s quotation and a handling Fee at current rates.

The job is not over until its over. That means we apply the same attention to detail and the same passion for quality control to this last-but-not-least step known as shipping and tracking. The quality of packaging materials and the skill of those preparing each shipment plays a big role in how your customers perceive their print job when it arrives. Once it leaves our hands we still want to know it arrived at the right destination and on time. We have perfected our role with each and every carrier and want you to know that we take your ultimate satisfaction and your customer’s satisfaction as seriously as you do, right to the end.

ColorFX will always act to make sure that any production difficulties do not delay delivery schedules. In no case shall ColorFX be liable for any consequential or damages resulting from any delay in shipment or delivery.

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Two Trends In American Printer Point to Strong Role for Traditional Advertising and Print

American Printer is one of our favorite trade publications here at ColorFX — an industry brand recently revived after a 130-year history!  On their website are two recent articles which, taken together, point to the strong role that traditional print still has in advertising and forming public opinions. In the first of these, a report from Barnes & Noble College Marketing is cited, which said that among college students, social media and the Internet are still less persuasive than “traditional” styles of advertising — word of mouth, and even TV advertising. The second was a study from the Association of Magazine Media, which found that people in this same generation — 18 – to – 34 — still consider magazines credible sources of information, and upwards of 95% of those say they still read printed titles. Print-in-hand still provides certain comforts that other media cannot. We’re in the midst of back-to-school season now, and are ready to help you take care of all your customers’ print needs. Drop us a line anytime at

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