Business Card Printing

Get Ready for Convention Season With ColorFX

With the fall arriving, there will be an uptick in business travel for trade shows, with warm weather destinations, like Las Vegas and Florida, providing fall and winter get-away locations for conventions, etc. But business travelers aren’t only getting away, they need to be well supplied, with material they take with them, or supplies for booths and meetings that await them at their destination.

ColorFX can make sure you’re ready for the season with all the material your customers will need, including catalogs, brochures, presentation folders, and more. We also do rack cards, flyers and newsletters, too, for stocking up a booth.   And of course, we do business cards. Are your cards up-to-date with your latest cell phone, email, and web addresses? Or you might want to add your Twitter handle to your cards, or perhaps the Instagram account where you’ll be posting convention pictures!. We can help you update those cards, and ship them to you fast, before that first meeting of the season!

Distinctive Business Cards

Paul Allen business card Anyone who wants to grow their business through personal contacts needs business cards.  The biggest challenge with a business card is designing one that stands out and that people will want to        hang onto, thereby giving you a greater chance of winning their business.

The fundamental purpose of a business card is to convey contact information such as name, logo, and phone number, etcetera. Continue Reading…

Red Business Cards

A business card is a valuable piece of your marketing plan. Many companies are engaging in mixers and social events and swap business cards with hundreds of people. When your potential client goes home with a handful of business cards, you need to make sure yours stands out from the rest. Red Business cards are a catchy way to grab attention and add some pizazz to your design. As you are thinking about your new business card design, take a look at 8 red business cards we thought were great! Continue Reading…

Professional Business Card Design


If you’re an entrepreneur or you do a lot of business networking than you understands the importance of having a business card.  In fact, the business card is one of the most fundamental requirements for the average business man.  Unfortunately, it’s such a common scenario for someone to easily forget about you especially when people often create “forgettable” business cards. The common business card usually consists of a plain white card with the name of the person or company and basic contact information.  With everyone using such a similar format it is no wonder why most boring business cards find their way into the trash can.   This is why it is so important to make your card stand out from the sea of mundane business cards.

With that said, the challenge really is creating a business card that stands out but still maintains a professional demeanor.  Depending on how flexible you are in how you want to “portray” your image in your business card this will determine the design choices you have at your disposal.

We will be examining the following elements more closely:

  • Color Choices
  • Layout
  • Logo and Pictures
  • Typography and Font

Let’s dive into this concept some more and figure out how we can break down the business card design process from various prospective.
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