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Wholesale Business Cards

Wholesale Business Cards

business cardsBusiness cards are one of the most important marketing tools you have. This powerful paper helps people attract new clientele with very little effort. Cards are almost as powerful as billboards, because you are often adding a personal touch. When you give a card away at a meeting, you have the unique opportunity to leave a lasting impression. Billboards, on the other hand, are just advertising space. Your business marketing campaign should incorporate more than just advertising space; it should send a powerful message that makes people want to work with you over the competition. Continue Reading…

New Year — New Calendar

With 2013 quickly approaching, the season of trying to figure out the perfect New Year’s Resolution is upon us. One popular goal that people make for themselves is to get organized. The big key to becoming a more organized person is to have the right set of tools in front of you. For individuals who find that their lives feel scattered and all over the place, one organization tool that is absolutely essential is the calendar.

Since most people end up using multiple calendars for both home and work, creating a custom calendar to advertise your business is a great way to promote your company to your customers all year round. Calendars not only include strong, effective images of your business and the products that you provide, but can also include company information and the values of your business, all of which is sure to leave a lasting impression on your customer.

ColorFX is a high quality, low cost calendar printing company that allows businesses to develop customizable calendars to print for their customers. With a plethora of different pricing options and styles available to choose from, calendar printing can be affordable, as well as effective.

Why Business Cards Are Still Necessary

Many people in this day and age view business cards as all but dead. However, the benefits of a business card are undeniable. Here are some ways that you can benefit from using business cards.

Business cards function as tiny brochures for your business. The card represents the detail that you put into work for your customers and serves as evidence that your business values quality. The card design and layout are an easy way to make a lasting impression.

Although a lot of people have stopped carrying business cards in favor of exchanging information digitally, there are still many people who have not fully switched digital communication. Without a business card to offer, not only are you alienating these individuals, you’re also missing potential valuable connections.

People are more likely to remember you if you pass them a business card. Think of all of the people at a convention who choose to simply exchange contact information digitally. If you are one of the few passing out business cards, people will be able to recall you more easily later on.

ColorFX is a printing company based in Los Angeles that offers business card printing at affordable prices. We know that you’re a busy person, which is why you can order all of your printing needs online! Take a look at all of our business card customization options and we promise you won’t be disappointed.

The Humble Business Card

Today’s business card finds its root in the “calling card” or visiting card, that small piece of paper used by members of the upper classes to let people know they wanted and appointment — or wanted to be seen. The card was generally restricted to wealthier users since some of the protocol around it involved handing it to servants or footmen, to let the “caller” know who it was that wished to speak — or perhaps – -romance them. The calling card found its way to America, and eventually morphed into today’s business card, where no footmen or servants are needed — just handy networking opportunities. Even in today’s smartphone era, a business card is still a welcome introduction — even if the person receiving it plans to scan it in to their mobile device! At Color FX, we do business card printing for your company, whether standard business card printing, or score flat business card printing. Come “call” on us online, to find the best rate for you!