What is the minimum / maximum acceptable resolution?

  •     Acceptable range of resolution is 150ppi – 300ppi. Any thing below or over it may cause printing problems.
  •     TIFF files should be saved with no LZW compression.
  •     EPS files should be saved with Mac preview and Binary encoding and no compression, outline all fonts.
  •     Copy Dot scans must have a resolution of 2400 dpi.
  •     8-bit (grayscale) and 24-bit (color) scans should have an effective resolution between 225-350 dpi.
  •     Line art scans should have a minimum effective resolution of 600 dpi.
  •     Total ink coverage of a scan should not exceed 320%.
  •     Images should be scanned as close to 100% of final size as possible.

MinimumMaximum Resolution - Low ResolutionMinimumMaximum Resolution - High Resolution

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