What is the minimum font size?

  •     To maintain quality, black line copy should be a minimum 6 pts. sans serif medium font. All type should be easily read and of a dark density.


  •     When creating files on vector based software such as InDesign or Illustrator, all text must be converted to outlines before generating a final PDF or EPS.


  •     Type may be reversed out of screens, PMS areas, or separations. To maintain quality, reverse type should be a minimum 8 pts. sans serif bold face font.


  •     Please set black object and type over 18 pts. to be 60C, 40M, 40Y, 100K.
  •     Type should extend no closer than 1/8” of trim.
  •     Fonts should be Type 1 PostScript fonts or OpenType.  Type 1 fonts require screen and printer fonts to be supplied with submission.
  •     Please avoid the use of Truetype fonts if possible.  Truetype fonts do not yield consisted results.
  •     To avoid any delays to your files please outline and/or vectorized your fonts when supplying final PDFs or EPS documents.


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