How do I use the Enhanced Upload Engine?

Getting Started

The Enhanced Upload Engine requires Java. You can download the free Java software from

Using the Upload Engine

  1.     You can add multiple files to upload by either dragging the files into the window or by clicking the Add button.
  2.     You MUST then click the Start Upload button for the files to be  transferred.
  3.     As files are successfully uploaded, a message will appear below the upload engine. Make sure that all files appear in this list. You can upload as many files as you like. Once you are finished uploading, your order is complete.

If the engine does not load correctly, use an alternative upload method. Links to our alternate upload methods appear at the bottom of the page.

NOTE: It is highly recommended to compile all your files (images, layout, fonts) in a folder and then compress it to either a ZIP (.zip) format or SIT (.sit) before uploading them to our FTP server.

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