Your One-Stop Solution for Calendar Printing

It’s never too early to order your calendars for business and promotional giveaways.  Color FX represents a one-stop solution for calendar printing (and other offset printing needs). Remember, as we head into fall, it may soon become too late for your 2013 calendars!

Did you know calendars appear to have originated in ancient Sumer, which also had a 12 month division system like our own? Unlike those Sumerian calendars, ours are printed on gloss stock, and come in a variety of styles to suit your needs, including in standard, medium and large sizes. Various gloss book coatings are available, along with saddle stitching in each format. Your customers will be happy to hang them on their walls, saving them the trouble of needing to carve on their own  walls — like the Mayans! — to keep track of time. Act now and enjoy an additional — and very “timely!” — 10% discount!


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