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ColorFX’s New Affialiate System – Xerox iGen4

Xerox iGen4 Variable Printing Solutions


The Maine Office of Tourism helps visitors plan the perfect trip.

As the marketing organization for the largest industry in the state of Maine, the Maine Office of Tourism serves a wide range of travel-related businesses and a broad spectrum of potential visitors with diverse interests.

Their challenge: reaching every hiker or beachcomber or antique-seeker with the information that is most relevant to their interests and most likely to persuade them to choose Maine.

For the Maine Office of Tourism, the benefits of using state of the art tools to attract a larger share of new and return visitors are clear. With more tourists, more revenue is brought into a state highly dependent on the travel industry. In a tight and competitive market, a targeted and personalized mailing is a better use of the Maine Office of Tourisms budget than a one size fits all approach.

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ColorFX adds the world class Xerox iGen4

Xerox iGen4ColorFx is proud to announce the addition of the Xerox iGen4 to its cutting edge printing press lineup.

Xerox has been a trusted name in the printing industry for many years and you would expect no less in terms of quality and efficiency from the Xerox iGen digital press product family.  The iGen4 is a super high quality digital press and with its extremely robust print engine can print about 4 million pages per month.  It offers superior turnaround times on each job and the great thing about this machine is that it is in line with ColorFx’s commitment to green printing by using non toxic dry ink and 97% recyclable or re-manufactured internal components. Continue Reading…