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Need a Presentation Folder? Contact Colorfxweb.com

Professional calendar printing is a highly intricate process, requiring specialized equipment and flawless attention to detail. If you’re a designer, marketer, or other trade professional on whom consumers rely for quality printed materials, Color FX Web can provide you with the wholesale calendar printing solutions that you need to bring your customers’ visions to life.

We fulfill custom calendar printing orders in three sizes: standard 11” x 8.5”, medium 11” x 11”, and large 12” x 12”, with or without covers. Within these size ranges exists an almost infinite range of customizable options. Looking for 100# glossy book paper? We’ve got that. How about the number of pages? We offer 24, 28, and 32 page lengths as standard, but we can customize your order as needed. We offer from 500 to 30,000 calendars per order, and anything in between.

At Color FX Web, we take pride in every custom calendar printing order. Our specialized customer service means that we may take a bit longer than the competition, but unlike the competition, we can guarantee your order will have the lowest redundancy and the fewest mistakes. We care about your needs just as much as you care about the needs of your customers. The best way to maintain our #1 rank among printers in the state of California year after year is to make sure your order is just what you’re looking for, every single time.

And that is only the beginning of our available options. We can mix and match paper weights, ink types, paper coatings, special bindings, printing sides, quantity, and turnaround times to provide the ultimate in customization for your customers. Why wait? Register with Color FX Web today.

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Preparing Print Material for Your Presentation

meetingWhen your company has a chance to make a presentation you are in a great position to build your brand, generate leads and convert new customers. A great way to make a memorable impression is to provide your attendees with material that helps develop your brand and strengthen your message. It is important to take time to figure out what printed material would serve as a useful informational tool, be something your attendees would enjoy receiving and maybe be something they could use in the future.
As you begin your planning start by considering what will happen in the course of the presentation. Your attendees will arrive and quietly visit with others. Following that the presentation will begin and will most likely include an introduction, a thorough message, a strong closing and a time to address frequently asked questions.  Finally, as the attendees are exiting they will inevitably visit with others and discuss the overall impression of the presentation.  With the right print materials, the impression you leave your viewers with can be exciting, unforgettable and a great talking point.

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