IMI’s 6th Annual Security Printing Conference

The Information Management Institute (IMI) will be hosting the 6th Annual Security Printing conference on November 16-18, 2009 in Baltimore, MD. The conference will be addressing key issues and concerns regarding brand protection and secure printed documents. The conference will include presentations from Appleton, Buena Vista Resources, Elaine Bresnick Consulting, Eastman Kodak, FBI Laboratory, JOEL Global Product & Brand Security, Heidelberg, H.W. Sands, InData Systems, Lexmark International, Magellan Consulting, Methode Electronics, NAPHSIS, NTRERA, Optodot, Polyonics, Schenk Vision, Schofield Imaging Associates, SICPA, U.S. Secret Service and Xennia Technologies. For more information or registration visit

For those not familiar with security printing it is a specific field in the printing industry that deals with printing materials such as stock certificates, postage stamps, banknotes, passports, identity cards, etc. The primary objective of security printing is to prevent the counterfeiting or forgery of these prints. It is clear that the tampering or counterfeiting of these type of documents can have serious ramification not only on a individual but the economy/government as a whole. In fact statistic shows that the annual worldwide economic cost of counterfeiting and fraud surpasses over $650 billion dollar of world trade. With these staggering numbers it is also no wonder that the security printing industry is estimated to bring annual revenues of $9 million dollars a year, and these numbers are expected to rise as companies pursue new technology and security solutions to reduce losses.

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