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ColorFX: Everything You Need From Bulk Photo Card Holders to Wholesale Calendars

The best way for a company to reach new customers is by getting their name out to everyone they possibly can. Today, publicity is everything and the more visible a brand is to audiences, the better chances they have of succeeding in the long run.  No one understands that better than ColorFX, which is why we specialize in wholesale photo cards, flyers, posters, business cards, postcards, brochures, banners and other promotional tools. Unlike other companies that sell photo holders wholesale, we want to work with you and come up with a product and design you can proudly show off.

Introducing ColorFX: We’re More Than Just Your Average Bulk Photo Card Holders Company

Located in Sun Valley, California, we are a family-owned printing company just north of Burbank. Ever since 1995, we have been dedicated to delivering high quality products to our customers. Throughout these years, we have gained plenty of experience in this field, allowing us to know exactly what customers want and what will only disappoint them in the end. Rest assured that you can count on us for all your printing needs.

Right off the 5 Freeway, and easily accessible from the 118, 170, 405 and 210 Freeways, our facility is made up of a 28,000 square feet freestanding building. Besides this, ColorFX draws in many customers thanks to our use of the latest and greatest technologies. For example, we recently added the Xerox iGen4 Variable Printer to our line of equipment. Sophisticated machines like this make leave us heads and shoulders above the competition. Even though printing has been around for decades, we keep this trade fresh.

Calendars, Flyers, Posters and Photo Card Holders in Bulk? What Does ColorFX Sell?

Now that you know a bit about who we are as a company, it’s time to find out what kind of products we sell.  At ColorFX, we offer everything you could possibly imagine in the printing field.  From a cheap bulk personalized photo holder to calendars, we’ve got you covered. Through these products, we advertise your company, getting the word out to people all over the world.

We understand how publicity can make or break a business, which is why we enforce a very strict quality control program.  This means we check and double check all of our products, before sending anything out, so that your brand’s name and integrity isn’t jeopardized.  At other wholesale custom photo greeting cards companies, machines are in charge of all printing aspects. Due to this, mistakes and errors often occur along the way, but that is definitely not the case here. Our workers oversee everything that goes on at the facility.

Are We The Right Card Photo Holder Wholesale Company For You?

photo holder cardsThis is a no brainer.  At ColorFX, you are our number one priority. Opposed to our competitors in the card photo holder wholesale industry, we care more about your needs than making a quick profit. As you can see by our 18 years in the industry, we take our work seriously. We always keep a high level of professionalism and it truly shows in our products. Plus, many of our customers are ones we’ve been dealing with for years. To us, nothing measures the quality of a business more than returning customers. If people are happy with your services, they will return again and again. If not, they cut all ties right there and then. Since many of customers are ones who have been coming to us for years, that means they like what we offer and trust us to handle all their requests.

It’s common for new customers to have concerns about what our products will look like once they’re all finished. If they’re unsure with the quality of our work, they don’t want to spend the money to make the purchase. This is why we provide product samples. Now you can examine our services up close and see if we’re the right company to handle your needs.  To receive these products, all you need to do is login or register on our site. Then, submit a request samples form and you’re set.  It’s that simple.

Contact This Bulk Photo Card Holders Company Today

Now that you’ve found out where to buy photo holders wholesale, let’s start making moves. When you contact us, you’ll speak with one of our customer service representatives. Every member of our staff has been highly trained to handle any comments, questions or concerns that you may have. While other bulk photo card holders companies may pressure you into making a decision, that won’t ever be the case here.  We know how important advertising is to a company, so instead we’ll give you guidance and support in whatever you choose.

Do you need us to thoroughly go over what our photo card holders in bulk entail? Or maybe you prefer that we help you brainstorm your brand’s design? No matter what the case is, we are here to assist you. Call us now toll free at 1-877-763-7671 to begin. If you prefer e-mail, that’s fine. You can shoot us an e-mail over at We even have a live chat option on our official website where you can talk to one of staff members on the computer in real time. Don’t waste any more time with companies that will only let you down, let’s work together now.


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