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Reticulating Varnish

Reticulating Varnish changes the texture of the paper from fine to coarse. It looks like sand on a beach pebbled finish.
A perfect pattern image trap can be achieved by the application of a special dull varnish followed by an overall application of a gloss coating. A chemical reaction occurs that neutralizes the gloss in the areas previously dull varnished.

There are many ways to achieve textured and pattern areas in your packaging through paper selection or embossing, but did you know that you can create raised patterns through the use of varnish and coatings?

Through a process called reticulating coating or “chemical embossing” Thoro can make your graphic images jump off your cartons. Much like the strike-through technique, also known as contrast varnish, a perfect pattern image trap can be achieved by the spot/pattern application of a special matte or dull varnish followed by an overall application of a gloss coating. A chemical reaction occurs that neutralizes the gloss in the areas previously varnished with the matte/dull varnish. To achieve a raised, reticulating effect, the same application of contrasting dull/glossy varnish is used to define the pattern; but with increased viscosity of the coatings, the chemical reaction causes the varnish to bead and leave a perfectly registered, visible pattern with true dimension.

This contrasting raised, precise coating effect creates a visual and textured feel special effect that is perfectly suited for emphasizing images of products with their own natural texture and dimension. For instance, an image of leather, fabric, fruits and vegetables, patterns on intricate technology and medical devices can all come to life on your package by adding a reticulating coating effect.

Reticulating coating can be applied to any process or spot color print area, but because of the dramatic gloss/dull contrast, application on a darker, or solid-color background is often more dramatic. Using a reticulating coating as opposed to a pattern emboss or textured paper is a style choice that should be made based on the desired end look, job quantities and budget.

Apply this coating to any print and package design project today!

Postcard Printing

Postcard Printing is one of the most cost effective ways to distribute your message to others. It is highly used in direct mail marketing. Postcards need to have a good design to be effective. Also, Printed Postcards should be of high quality. Postcard printing at is done based on a standard of excellence. postcard printing services are done using high-quality and durable card stock that will suit any of your postcard marketing needs. By choosing online postcard printing, you’re ensuring that your postcards are printed and delivered exactly the way you want them.

Brochure Printing

Brochures are a cost-effective way for businesses, non-profits and religious institutions to briefly and succinctly describe products, services, or present an overview of the organization.

Color FX offers superior brochure printing services utilizing the best equipment in the industry. We allow customers to choose s allows you to choose specific quantities for printing. We take the environment into consideration, using exclusively soy-based inks and recycled-content paper stock.

Additional 10% OFF on Catalogs and Calendars

Additional 10% OFF on Catalogs and Calendars

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Color Printing vs. Black and White Printing

Selecting a custom print marketing design for a business often consists of a long series of decisions that need to be made. One of the most common choices that anyone who is having printed material produced needs to make, early on, is whether to go with color printing or black and white.

Black and white is usually less expensive, making it seem like the front-runner, initially. However, the benefits that come along with having bright, vibrant, eye-catching printed material for your customers are well worth the slightly higher price tag.

For example, if you were looking into having catalog printing done, color printing allows you to display information in a way that is easier on the eyes of your customer. Graphs, charts and photos are able to be shown in more detail that will draw your potential customers in, as opposed to leaving them squinting and trying to differentiate between multiple shades of gray.

If the cost of color printing is still leaving you perplexed in your decision, consider looking into purchasing your color printing wholesale, from an online color printing company such as Color FX. With outstanding deals, you’ll get all the benefits of vivid color printing — without breaking the bank.

Bottom line: black and white printing is perfectly fine, when you’re a student who’s rushing to turn in a term paper, but, for businesses who are interested in projecting a professional image, color printing is almost always the way to go.