What is Scoring?

Scoring is critical to any binding job. Ask tosee a scoring sample before your job is finished to ensure you get a clean and accurate fold. The score should run in the same direction as the grain of the paper. If the design format requires folding in both directions, the primary fold should be parallel to the grain. Test the sample score by gently folding thepaper; a good score will not crack or tear onthe outside edges. If the paper does crack,the score may need to be wider and deeper. Some scoring problems are caused by improper moisture content in the paper; paper should remain covered when not in use to avoid drying out. If the paper has been exposed, it might help to run the paper through an offset press with a fountain solution to help remoisten the stock. Check with your printer. Finally, be sure the embossed ridge that results from the score is on the inside of the fold [see figures 5 and 6].

What Is Scoring

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