What is Pantone Matching Systems (PMS)?

What is Pantone Matching Systems (PMS)?

Pantone (PMS) is the color chart used by printers. Pantone colors are mixed ink colors, identified by a number. This number when used with their “Formula Guide” specifies a mix of certain component ink colors that the printer mixes to put on the press, like mixing paint.  PMS match books are books of color where each PMS color has its own name or number that helps you make sure that your colors are the same each time you print, even if your monitor displays a different color or if you change printing services.

Pantone has several swatch guides. The most commonly used are:

  1.     Coated – Glossy Paper, Satin Paper, Dull Paper.
  2.     Uncoated – Flat Paper, Vellum, Smooth Paper.
  3.     Metallic – Foil Material mounted to Flat Paper.


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