How to set up a Foil job?

We offer you multiple choice of foil as well as Silver and Gold. But each order can only have one type of foil. You can create a foil mask just like our Spot UV mask files. Make 100% Magenta in the areas you want the foil and leave transparent in the areas you do not want the foil. If you order a Foil job with Spot UV, you must provide separate mask files for the Foil (foil mask) and UV (spuv mask) with different names: “SpotUV” and “Foil”.

Keep in mind that the Foil and UV can’t overlap. Please avoid using small / fine text or fonts for foil objects. For best results, please make sure that foil coverage is less than 50% of the artwork area

Also, be aware that there may be up to 1/16″ shift on the placement of the foil.

Please see images below to see what mask files should look like.

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