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Offer Newsletter Printing As A New Service

Brochure printing can lead to large quantities of print work, especially when you are servicing a large company. You may have had to turn away work, in the past, because you didn’t have the facilities to do the job. This should never be a concern for a printing company, because there are so many online printing services capable of handling these large orders.

You can take the orders for the brochure printing and never have to worry about physically printing the brochures. In fact, you can even offer sales and discounts for brochure printing, from time to time, because you order them and the customer has no idea for what price you are getting them. When companies order brochure printing, they usually order large amounts. They do this because they hand out brochures to customers and potential customers. They might even stock them at different places so they can advertise to people who frequent those places. Don’t let a small facility and a lack of printing supplies prevent you from taking on these profitable orders.

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Postcards Yield Plenty for You and Your Clients’ Business

Marked by their simple effectiveness and affordability, postcards have carved their own niche in the world of marketing with a number of valuable applications. First, they allow you to hone your target demographics to a specific, usable cross-section of what is first a looming amount of data. Next, Postcard Printing establishes an instant connection with prospective clients and customers because postcards aren’t hidden or encumbered by envelopes like their direct mail counterparts. These benefits, however, will only befall the marketing entity that knows how to effectively market their products and services on a postcard. Without a definitive direction, specificity, and a powerful image, it is very difficult even for postcards to avoid the waste bin.

Establishing Your Direction
Before diving into the tonal elements of the picture itself, you must first establish a definitive direction. This is based on the reaction that you want your postcard to have on the consumer and as such should act as a guide for the rest of the decisions involved in production of every aspect of your marketing message. Whatever your exact approach is, the general goal is that the consumer is intimately acquainted with your brand or brands, and will contact you or physically come to your store.

Offering an Incentive
Once a distinct direction is established, you must positively condition potential customers to complete the above mentioned steps by offering incentives to do so. The exact nature of how this is done can vary depending on your customer base but adheres to a general structure.

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How to Order Products and Choose Options

ColorFX offers several options for ordering to help you get the exact product you need. Please note that some ordering options are available only for certain products.
1. To begin ordering, select your product from the left-hand sidebar of the ColorFX home page.
a. The instant pricing calculator will appear on the right-hand side of your computer screen, where there are two tabs: the Standard Size tab is blue and the Custom Size tab is green.

2. Select a size for your product.
a. On the Standard Size tab, you may choose from the sizes in the drop-down menu.
b. On the Custom Size tab, enter the custom size that you want for your product.
i. After you enter your custom size, a red “Attention” box may appear on the instant pricing calculator which will let you know what the possible size range is for the product. This occurs if the dimensions you have entered are outside the given range.

3. Note that with each order change reflected on the instant pricing calculator, the updated cost of the product will be reflected at the top and bottom of the instant pricing calculator.

4. If a color option is available, there will be a “Color” section under “Size.” If the color option is available, choose the desired option for your product by using the drop-down menu.

5. Select a quantity for your product.
a. On the Standard Size tab, you may choose from among the quantities in the drop-down menu.
b. On the Custom Size tab, enter the custom quantity that you want for your product.

6. Select your option for proofing your product. Choices include:
a. No proof.
b. Electronic (PDF) Proof.
c. Digital (Hard Copy) Proof. There is an additional charge for the digital proof.

7. Select a type of paper for your product from the drop-down menu.

8. For each product, you can select a turn-around time that works best for you. Keep in mind that the longer the turnaround time, the better the price for you.

9. There are Finishing Options on many products, and they vary for the different types of products – some have more finishing options than others, and some have no finishing options. Carefully select the finishing options that you want for your product to be sure that you end up with exactly what you need. Some of the options include: hole-drilling options, coating, folding, drilling location, shrink-wrapping, and perforation.