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Coming Highlights From Graph Expo 2012

Heidelberg is one of the printing industry’s main suppliers of equipment, including to printers like us. And one of the key trade shows for the printing equipment industry is the annual Graph Expo coming in October of this year. In this space, throughout fall, we’ll be presenting occasional highlights from the Expo itself, and from Heidelberg, a company to watch in terms of seeing where trends are headed in printing and design.  One coming highlight, announced in advance by the Heidelberg company, is the modeling of a new multi-platform print campaign that “takes the ‘digital or offset’ question off the table, and makes cross-platform color matching its centerpiece.” In other words, brand identity — and corporate colors — can stay constant on everything from large in-store signs to point of purchase displays, and even tags and packaging — regardless of the printing process used. Heidelberg will be debuting new aspects of this “print-thru” style campaign at the Expo, but you don’t have to wait. Color FX can help guide you through this multi-platform visual consistency for your own customers.  Contact us today at (877) 763-7671.