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Free Business Cards, Postcards & Flyers

Free Business Cards, Postcards & Flyers

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The Humble Business Card

Today’s business card finds its root in the “calling card” or visiting card, that small piece of paper used by members of the upper classes to let people know they wanted and appointment — or wanted to be seen. The card was generally restricted to wealthier users since some of the protocol around it involved handing it to servants or footmen, to let the “caller” know who it was that wished to speak — or perhaps – -romance them. The calling card found its way to America, and eventually morphed into today’s business card, where no footmen or servants are needed — just handy networking opportunities. Even in today’s smartphone era, a business card is still a welcome introduction — even if the person receiving it plans to scan it in to their mobile device! At Color FX, we do business card printing for your company, whether standard business card printing, or score flat business card printing. Come “call” on us online, to find the best rate for you!

Get Ready for Convention Season With ColorFX

With the fall arriving, there will be an uptick in business travel for trade shows, with warm weather destinations, like Las Vegas and Florida, providing fall and winter get-away locations for conventions, etc. But business travelers aren’t only getting away, they need to be well supplied, with material they take with them, or supplies for booths and meetings that await them at their destination.

ColorFX can make sure you’re ready for the season with all the material your customers will need, including catalogs, brochures, presentation folders, and more. We also do rack cards, flyers and newsletters, too, for stocking up a booth.   And of course, we do business cards. Are your cards up-to-date with your latest cell phone, email, and web addresses? Or you might want to add your Twitter handle to your cards, or perhaps the Instagram account where you’ll be posting convention pictures!. We can help you update those cards, and ship them to you fast, before that first meeting of the season!

Why Digital Printing

Digital Print on 80# Uncoated Cover *

Offset Print on 80# Uncoated Cover *

* Images above were scanned in equal conditions using the same scanner. No enhancements or alterations where made to the images.

The demand for shorter print runs, quick turnaround and personalization capabilities are growing everyday. Whether your a Designer or Printer, a small or large business, we all have to adapt. The best solution to accommodate this demand is Digital Printing. Digital printing can provide the flexibility in quantity and turnaround without compromising quality and price. Unfortunately there are a few people skeptical about going this route.

For some people, there is perception that digital printing doesn’t meet professional image quality standards. Some still believe that it doesn’t measure up to offset printing. It’s true that current color copiers and smaller digital printers cannot achieve offset quality but Digital Presses like the I-Gen 4 are in a league of their own. The technological advancements in this machine make it comparable and sometimes an even better choice than offset printing for certain projects.

Test comparisons have shown that digital quality can equally match and in some cases exceed offset quality. Most people can’t even notice the difference. Not only can digital printing produce high quality print but it can also achieve a wide spectrum of colors like offset printing.

Another big advantage with digital printing is quantity and turn a turnaround time. With digital printing any quantity is possible, there are no restrictions whatsoever. Because there is less set up time needed with digital printing, a job can be produced and completed quickly.

Digital Printing is especially cost effective when printing shorter runs because you don’t have waste paper from the set up like you would for offset printing. Proofs are also less expensive for the same reason and because a digital proof can be printed right away, you know exactly what you are going to get.

The range of materials for digital printing have increased. Paper manufacturers have developed more paper stocks and substrates for the growing demand of digital printing. These papers and substrates can now withstand the heat and pressure of digital printers. In conjunction, digital presses like the I-Gen 4 are now capable of printing an array of coated and uncoated papers from light to heavy stocks up to 18pt Stock.

Case Closed

From image quality to print costs…from substrate availability to variable data…from quantity to turnaround, we’re debunking the misconception about digital printing, so you can help your clients achieve incredible results-effectively and affordably. Contact ColorFX, Inc. and the truth will set you (and your most important marketing initiatives) free.