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Compare our Brochure prices to other trade printer at Colorfxweb.com

Enjoy a Personalized Printing Experience. The quality of materials presented to your customers is a direct reflection of your business. Our wholesale brochure printing is designed to give you the competitive advantage, by providing a flawless product that will keep your customers coming back for more. We offer a customized printing experience to ensure that you — and your customers — are more than satisfied with the result.

Many wholesale print companies will simply ask you to upload your brochure file online and submit it for printing without any sort of human interaction, creating a huge margin for error. You won’t receive this type of impersonal service from Color FX Web. We’re just as invested in the outcome of your brochure as you are. That’s why we’ll assign you with an account representative who will manage your order from start to finish. Enjoy the advantage of having a real person to contact with any questions you might have and to provide you with status updates.

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Brochure Colorfxweb.com
Brochure Colorfxweb.com

Hot Deals for a Hot Summer

Hot Deals for a Hot Summer

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Our Latest “Deal of the Week!” Brochures!

As blog readers know, ColorFX has been proud to announce a recurring “Deal of the Week,” on its website. On our front page you’ll now find a link to the “Deal of the Week,” which will appear every Monday morning. It may feature showcase gifts, products and savings.

Make sure you always check, since the deal will always be changing! This week’s deal features up to a whopping 62% off on all brochure printing, depending on the order. Perfect as we head into the busier fall and holiday seasons, with its uptick in buying and meetings.

The 62% off comes as part of an existing additional 10% off on already-discounted prices ranging from 25 – 52% off. Find your brochure details at our weekly “deal” link and be sure to check regularly so you don’t miss out. In any given week, the printing service you need could be more affordable than ever!

Why Digital Printing

Digital Print on 80# Uncoated Cover *

Offset Print on 80# Uncoated Cover *

* Images above were scanned in equal conditions using the same scanner. No enhancements or alterations where made to the images.

The demand for shorter print runs, quick turnaround and personalization capabilities are growing everyday. Whether your a Designer or Printer, a small or large business, we all have to adapt. The best solution to accommodate this demand is Digital Printing. Digital printing can provide the flexibility in quantity and turnaround without compromising quality and price. Unfortunately there are a few people skeptical about going this route.

For some people, there is perception that digital printing doesn’t meet professional image quality standards. Some still believe that it doesn’t measure up to offset printing. It’s true that current color copiers and smaller digital printers cannot achieve offset quality but Digital Presses like the I-Gen 4 are in a league of their own. The technological advancements in this machine make it comparable and sometimes an even better choice than offset printing for certain projects.

Test comparisons have shown that digital quality can equally match and in some cases exceed offset quality. Most people can’t even notice the difference. Not only can digital printing produce high quality print but it can also achieve a wide spectrum of colors like offset printing.

Another big advantage with digital printing is quantity and turn a turnaround time. With digital printing any quantity is possible, there are no restrictions whatsoever. Because there is less set up time needed with digital printing, a job can be produced and completed quickly.

Digital Printing is especially cost effective when printing shorter runs because you don’t have waste paper from the set up like you would for offset printing. Proofs are also less expensive for the same reason and because a digital proof can be printed right away, you know exactly what you are going to get.

The range of materials for digital printing have increased. Paper manufacturers have developed more paper stocks and substrates for the growing demand of digital printing. These papers and substrates can now withstand the heat and pressure of digital printers. In conjunction, digital presses like the I-Gen 4 are now capable of printing an array of coated and uncoated papers from light to heavy stocks up to 18pt Stock.

Case Closed

From image quality to print costs…from substrate availability to variable data…from quantity to turnaround, we’re debunking the misconception about digital printing, so you can help your clients achieve incredible results-effectively and affordably. Contact ColorFX, Inc. and the truth will set you (and your most important marketing initiatives) free.



Brochures Broker the Deal for You

When you hand a potential customer your business card, you’re handing him your name, your company’s name, an e-mail address and a contact numbers. If you hand that same client a brochure, you’re handing him a concept, a vision and an idea he can use. Whether you’re selling widgets or left-handed ice cube trays, a brochure cements your brand’s image squarely in the mind of your customers. Having a brochure isn’t good enough—you need a great brochure. Brochure printing works. That’s why the most successful local and national companies use them.

What Makes a Brochure Great?

A picture is surely worth a thousand words—maybe even more on a brochure. A detailed photo of your product, a lush snapshot of a beach or a collage of sporting events immediately tells your customer the main focus of your company. Not only does it reveal the field you’re in, it also lets potential clients know how you feel about yourself. A company who has a well-designed brochure will receive more sales calls than a company that has less-expensive, cheap-looking brochures.

First impressions are the only impressions that matter when you’re trying to impress a new customer. You need your brochure to make the best impression possible. The traditional tri-fold brochure uses an attractive graphic on the front to lure the buyer into the greater details listed inside the brochure. You don’t have to wait for your client to open the brochure to get your message across. That thousand-word photo on the front should give them a pretty good idea.

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Brochure Ideas to Help Promote Your Business

brochure printingBrochures are an economical way to promote your business. A brochure is typically tri-fold with six panels. The following are some tips to help you create an effective advertising brochure.

You want to be sure that your brochure stands out among the rest, and the type of font you use is one way to achieve that. Keep your audience in mind when choosing a font. It’s best not to use different fonts; just stick to one. An eye-catching as well as audience-appropriate font is one of the most important elements of a brochure. Continue Reading…