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4 Simple Steps to Effective Postcard Marketing

The postcard is an amazing direct mailing technique and can be extremely effective in capturing your target audience.  Unlike mailing delivered in an envelope, the postcard has the advantage to instantly grab the attention of its viewers since its advertisement message is immediately visible.  Despite this clear advantage many advertisers market the postcard incorrectly and don’t effectively know how to use this marketing piece to its full potential.   The most common mistake advertisers make it cluttering the postcard and actually making their viewer turned off and numb to the advertisement.  Let’s take a dive into the anatomy of the postcard and learn how we can make successfully win your audience over. Continue Reading…

The Benefits of the Custom File Folder

The Benefits of the Custom File Folder

When most companies run through the list of custom printing they will need, the items included are almost solely marketing items. While printed marketing material is essential to the branding and promotion of nearly every business, there is another side of custom printing that is often overlooked: printed material that can be used in your workplace.

By having customized items with your company logo on them for your employees to use, you’re creating an environment that takes a greater sense of pride in your brand. One type of item that you can create for your employees to use on a daily basis is a customized file folder.

Here at Color FX, we can create file folders that feature your corporate logo, as well as specific file names to help you and your team stay organized. The personalized touch and extra step will go a long way in keeping your employees invested in your company, long term.