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Do you archive files?

We cannot guarantee your files will be archived for more than 90 days. ColorFX may, at its discretion remove any files from our servers at any time. It is recommended that you maintain a copy of all our files.

How do I know if your graphics department will set up two-sided artwork correctly?

You must upload artwork so that the finished piece backs up correctly. On two sided work, the head of one side backs up to the head of the other side. The head of a page is defined by the top of the rendered proof and the bottom is called the foot.

For folded products, we create a mock-up prior to approving the job to ensure the artwork is set up correctly. On jobs where the orientation is not so obvious, please describe how it should back up in the order notes.

What Is Bleed?

A bleed is when an image extends beyond the trim edge of the product by 1/8″. If your image is not white on all four sides, you MUST include bleeds in your files. If your art does not include bleed, when printed and cut, white strips of unprinted paper will appear at the edges.

What Is BleedWhat Is Bleed

What are print-ready files?

Print-ready files are files that contain adhere to ColorFX’s file submission requirements.