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Brochure Designs: A Kick Start Tip

brochure-designsA well designed brochure can prove to be a very valuable marketing material to help spread the word to your customers. Believe it or not many people fall short in creating a good brochure because they fail to understand the most important fundamental aspect of creating a brochure. This simple concept is to basically first understand who and why you are creating the brochure for. You have to first identify the purpose of your brochure. Is it an advertisement piece? Is it meant to educate its reader regarding new services? The who and the why are interlinking elements in the brochure design process. You can create something completely stunning but it won’t mean a thing if it doesn’t clearly get its message across to its reader.

Try not to be overly ambitious with your message. You should only have one primary message and not too many sub-points under it. If your brochure has too much information in it, it may discourage a reader to actually go through the whole brochure. The cover page of the brochure plays an extremely important role because its job is to quickly and clearly outline the purpose of the brochure to the reader. It has to be simple enough for the reader to understand but concise to the point where it explains what to expect when reading the rest of the brochure. This doesn’t mean you have to use short sentences and words. In fact, you can convey part of this message using an eye catching image that will relate to the rest of the brochure’s message.
So once you determine the point of your brochure it is up to you to deliver the rest of the information to the right person in the right manner. Stay tune as future blog entries will dive into more specifics of brochure designing and brochure printing.

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ColorFX Launches New Website


ColorFX is excited to announce the launch of their new website, designed with the goal of making their customer’s online printing experience simple, intuitive, and efficient.

The new ColorFX website not only provides a service for customers seeking affordable, quality printing online but also caters to clients who are interested in wholesale, trade, and commercial printing.  Ross Avedissian, CEO comments, “We’ve really made it a point to expand our versatility so that our customers benefit the most!” Some of the new features on the ColorFX site include an instant price quote system, fully customizable ordering, improved shopping cart, easier navigation, stunning graphics and design and live chat customer support. In addition, they have also added a blog to their site, which will be an incredible resource for their visitors and another channel for their clients to communicate through.

ColorFX, Inc. is a family-owned and operated printing enterprise located in Sun Valley, California, just north of Burbank. With one of the most comprehensive and user-friendly custom websites ColorFX offers free estimates including shipping, preflight files, progress tracking and more.  ColorFX is dedicated to setting the industry standard when meeting their clients printing needs.

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Color FX Offers Fully Customizable Ordering

custom ordering

Part of what we do at ColorFX is make sure that every aspect of the ordering process is a positive one. We offer something that most printers in the industry do not, which is fully customizable ordering. Our goal is to make sure you can order the exact quantity and exact size of any item you may need. In addition to this feature we offer instant pricing on our website so that you can budget your cost up front.

Many companies today require that their clients order a set amount of a certain product, often times forcing the customer to order significantly more or less than what they need. We take great pride in eliminating that problem with our fully customizable ordering system.  This means that if you only need 1571 brochures printed, you can customize your order specifically for 1571 brochures, instead of getting excess prints that you don’t need.  This is another innovation Color FX brings to their customer to better help them achieve their specific pritning needs.

We are dedicated to creating a business where our customers benefit the most. With the templates we provide for graphic design combined with our easy to use website, ColorFX continues to be ahead of the industry, providing you with the absolute best.

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ColorFXweb.com Launches New Website


After months of development, we are so excited today to announce the release of our new website.  We put a lot of attention and care into creating this site, which you would expect no less from a quality print company like ColorFx.  We really designed the site with the customers in mind. We wanted your online printing experience to be simple, intuitive, and efficient.  That is exactly what you get when you come to ColorFX for your printing solution.

The website not only provides a service for customers seeking affordable quality printing online but also caters to clients who are interested in wholesale, trade, and commercial printing.  We’ve really made it a point to expand our versatility so that our customers benefit the most!
Among some of the new features you will notice right away include:

  • Instant price quote system
  • New improved shopping cart
  • Easier Navigation
  • Stunning graphics and design
  • Live Chat Customer Support

Let’s not forget of course the implementation of this blog, which is just one of the many new resources we offer on our new website. In the months to come you will also notice ColorFX’s increase activity and presence on social media sites as well.  We want to make sure our valued customers have multiple channels to communicate, interact, and follow ColorFX.  We are truly blissfully overjoyed about the launch of the new site.  If you haven’t had a chance to see the site now would be a good time to take a look, and you’ll see why our brilliant customers choose ColorFX as their online printing company.

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Free Management Tools to Run Your Business


ColorFX Inc proud to announce the New MySpace/Account Interface we are launching soon. These Free Management Tools are uniquely designed to help you manage you and your client’s order. It is completely anonymous so you can use this technology as your own when working with your clients.  In fact, we custom built this to fulfill all your print needs!

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Comment on FREE Shipping to Arizona, California, Nevada,Utah by admin

Hi Norm,
We apologize for any confusion we might have caused. We definitely do offer Free Shipping to those 4 states. However, it does not apply to Business cards, Postcards, Banners and Custom Orders, with or without estimates.
You can find that info on the blog using this link Free Shipping or on the website using this link Free Shipping.
Again, our apologies for any confusion. Let us know if there’s anything else we can help you with.


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Comment on Deal of the Day – FREE Services & Coupons by admin

Hi Barb,
We’ve actually changed it from “Deal of The Day” to “Deal of The Week”. You can view our weekly special on the homepage every Monday morning, or via our e-mail newsletter!

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Comment on Deal of the Day – FREE Services & Coupons by Barb Briggs

Why doesn’t the Deal of the Day ever change. This winter it has either been Catalogs or Calendars. Same day after day.

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Comment on Deal of the Day – FREE Services & Coupons by Brian Turner

Tried to place order for calendars today. I cannot get your website to approve discounts and shipping criteria prior to paying for it. Thus I could not upload files. Would like to get this handled right away so I can take advantage of discount. Sent email and left message with Hamlet Tanahan on Friday the 19th.

Please contact me at 909.957.9791 right away.

Thank You,

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Comment on FREE Shipping to Arizona, California, Nevada,Utah by Norm Gilbert

I received a quote from your company today, I really Like your quote. The your sales person called and said that there is a over or under 10%. Also Shipping charge. I thought your web site said free.

FREE Shipping to Arizona, California, Nevada,Utah
Posted on April 18, 2012 by admin

Free Shipping to Arizona, California, Nevada and Utah

Yes, you heard correctly, FREE Shipping!

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