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Marketing Your Print Business Online

When marketing your print business to potential clients, be sure to get online. Everyone turns to the Internet when researching businesses, so it’s absolutely essential to make sure yours gets properly indexed by search engines. By building a website and stocking it full of information about your company, you’ll reach out to more people than just those in your immediate area.

Include information about the services your company offers, your location, contact information and general information about your printing business. In addition, join in the social media revolution. By creating a Facebook and LinkedIn account, you’ll have the ability to market your business by building relationships with the public. Plus, you can join groups that are specific to your target market. If you want to market your print company to small businesses, you can simply go to the “Groups” section on LinkedIn and type in “small businesses.”

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Leave the One-Size-Fits-All Sales Approach Behind

Some print companies make the mistake of talking to their prospects about presses and processes, rather than focusing on what the customer is trying to achieve. Print companies that talk to their potential clients about their end goals are much more likely to make the sale and build a strong relationship with the customer. Their prospects will see these printers as partners who can help them achieve their business goals.

Instead of pitching a generic “one size fits all” sales approach to potential customers, tailor your sales pitch to your prospect and their business needs. Focus on what motivates your prospect to buy print in the first print. There has to be a drive to place a print order, typically according to a business plan. Printers who talk to their prospects about business plans and growing pains are likely to get the order. Be sure to differentiate your company from other print companies so that the prospect isn’t tempted to choose solely on price.

If you’re looking for a wholesale print company to keep your potential clients and current customers satisfied, look no further than Color FX. With competitive pricing, fast turnaround times, and excellent customer service, Color FX has everything your company needs to stay ahead in the print industry!

Xerox iGen4 Variable Printing Solutions


The Maine Office of Tourism helps visitors plan the perfect trip.

As the marketing organization for the largest industry in the state of Maine, the Maine Office of Tourism serves a wide range of travel-related businesses and a broad spectrum of potential visitors with diverse interests.

Their challenge: reaching every hiker or beachcomber or antique-seeker with the information that is most relevant to their interests and most likely to persuade them to choose Maine.

For the Maine Office of Tourism, the benefits of using state of the art tools to attract a larger share of new and return visitors are clear. With more tourists, more revenue is brought into a state highly dependent on the travel industry. In a tight and competitive market, a targeted and personalized mailing is a better use of the Maine Office of Tourisms budget than a one size fits all approach.

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