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ColorFX has Gone Green

ColorFX Goes Green

Toyo Ink
We use ToyoInk offset vegetable oil based process Inks, which are designed to offer the best possible performance on today’s high-speed multi-unit offset press. Their very high color strength offers excellent dot reproduction and superb performance on offset press. They have excellent roller stability with minimal piling. They are suitable for all sheetfed presses and damping units in particular for high speed multi-unit offset presses.

Recycled Paper
We use ISO FSC Certified and Ultra Green™ 100% Tree Free Papers. Unlike
traditional paper, Ultra Green is manufactured without the use of trees, water or
toxic agents including bleaching chemicals. The result is an environmentally
responsible substrate that offers unrivaled visual quality and environmental
impact. We encourage the use of FSC certified papers or paper containing an
element of recycled fibre.

Environmentally Safe Practice
We work closely with our vendors for achieving the latest and safest methods
for environmental safe practice in our industry. We use low VOC aqueous and
UV coating and Chemical Free CTP plates. All our presses are equipped with
pre-impregnated cleaning cloth rolls washing system.

Paper Less Program
Paper Less Program. Minimizes the size and usage of paper waste in our
entire production facility. We recycle all our excess paper and control our
number of make ready sheets (prep for color, position, registration and quality)
by using the same paper more than one time. PLP is also practiced and
enforced in the entire business.